8+ Best Social Media AI Tools and Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence in Social Media

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a significant role in many aspects of modern business, including social media marketing. Nowadays, there are various social media AI tools to help you perform different tasks – from content generation to social media management.

Combining technologies like natural language processing (NLP), natural language generation, machine learning algorithms, and computer vision, AI tools can help businesses thrive in the digital landscape. Therefore, knowing how to use them effectively in your social media strategy is crucial.

This article will guide you through the best social media AI tools based on their unique features, pricing, and core usage. We will also cover the importance of social media automation with AI.

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Why Use AI in Social Media

With the advancement of artificial intelligence, learning how to make money with AI can add value to your social media marketing efforts.

While traditional social media marketing can involve some trial and error, AI enables users with different technical backgrounds to optimize their social media strategy with advanced features and a data-driven approach.

For example, here are some social media strategies you can enhance with AI:

  • Create social media posts quickly with AI-based software.
  • Manage and optimize ads on multiple social platforms.
  • Track and measure performance across channels.
  • Build targeted and personalized campaigns to build loyalty.
  • Use AI chatbots for social media to enhance engagement.
  • Conduct sentiment analysis to generate advanced reporting and improve marketing strategies.

With the above approaches, social media marketers can gain valuable insights and data to improve their campaigns and the overall user experience (UX). Plus, it becomes easier to make decisions based on facts, reduce expenses, increase return on investment (ROI), and build a solid brand reputation.

Ways to Use AI in Social Media and Best Tools to Consider

The following sections will review different AI tools you can use to optimize marketing performance on social media channels.

Social Media AI to Generate Content

Content creation can be time-consuming, especially when crafting unique materials to publish across multiple platforms. Thanks to AI content generators, there are easier ways to create engaging social media posts.

Some tools, like Hostinger’s website creator, use machine learning to provide text and visual content generators. This technology enables users to create engaging content, from a simple call-to-action to a long-form blog post. Our AI Writer can generate content for a site in a few clicks, which you can simply repurpose for social media.

Here are other AI content creation tools we recommend for social media marketers:

1. Predis.ai

Predis.ai's homepage
  • Price: freemium
  • Key features: integrated chatbot, pre-made content, video generation

Predis.ai offers a free platform to revolutionize your social media strategy. It comes with various features, such as an integrated chatbot for brainstorming, ready-to-publish texts and images, and a meme generator.

Expand your content beyond static photos by using Predis.ai’s video production and image carousel functionalities. You can also customize content to fit specific platforms like TikTok, ensuring your message connects with various audiences.

To maintain a consistent visual identity, you can save and reuse your brand’s color scheme across all posts.

If you manage multiple projects or teams, Predis.ai’s scheduling and collaboration tools can help enhance efficiency.

While Predis.ai’s free version comes with a comprehensive suite of features, upgrading to premium plans unlocks additional capabilities. These paid plans, starting at $32/month, provide more credits for AI-generated posts and include voice-over functionality, among others.

2. Lately

Lately homepage
  • Price: $179/month for Single-User or by request for Enterprise
  • Key features: AI content writer, social selling, parent-child accounts

Lately is one of the most popular AI-powered tools offering content repurposing and social media management to empower sales and marketing teams.

For content creation, Lately’s AI technology can generate a custom writing model by analyzing data from social media analytics. It can recognize context by identifying content with the highest engagement and collecting words and phrases that appeal to your audience. This social media generator will then produce content in your brand voice to ensure consistency.

Lately is known for its ability to turn long-form content into multiple social media posts based on your writing style. The tool will prepare the social media post with copy, images, tracking links, and audio or video. This streamlines the time-consuming process of generating content ideas and can save you up to 12 minutes per social post.

Moreover, the platform’s parent-child dashboards let you add selected keywords into the AI’s brain to enhance social media content. However, its slicing and dicing feature may result in a lack of context. To avoid this issue, you can input specific brand messaging guidelines.

3. Flick

Flick homepage
  • Price: £11/month to £55/month
  • Key features: AI social marketing assistant, hashtag manager, Instagram analytics

This all-rounder marketing platform helps users build and manage social media content 10 times faster with its AI-powered features. Recommended by Instagram, Flick is an excellent option for creators, entrepreneurs, and social media managers using this social media platform.

Flick’s notable content creation feature is the AI social marketing assistant. It helps users to generate creative content ideas for social media post captions and scripts for video creation. With artificial intelligence, you will also get actionable insights to evaluate each post’s performance.

Also, the platform comes with an Instagram hashtag tool, letting you assess high-performing hashtags to broaden your reach. You will get 40 suggestions for each search, and the hashtag manager is accessible from various devices.

Another feature to consider is its analytics. Using Flick, you can measure historical metrics, such as follower and conversion rates, time spent ranking on Instagram hashtags, as well as content engagement and reach rate.

To help users navigate its tools, Flick has extensive resources – from blogs and training courses to downloadables and video content.

Social Media AI to Manage Ads

Artificial intelligence is also beneficial for ad management and optimization. Many tools provide advanced audience insights to help businesses segment their customers, as well as create highly targeted ads for better results.

Another benefit marketers should consider is AI’s ability to quickly analyze large amounts of data. So, not only does using artificial intelligence contribute to your performance marketing efforts, but it also helps reduce expenses from trial and error and ensures your campaigns will convert.

Let’s see our handpicked AI tools for ad management:

1. WordStream

WordStream homepage
  • Price: by request
  • Key features: free performance grader and keyword tools

If you’re running paid ad campaigns, WordStream can be your go-to AI tool. It offers features to enhance pay-per-click (PPC) ads, which is particularly helpful for businesses to optimize social media marketing.

WordStream employs machine learning technology to analyze PPC ads across multiple social media channels and generate data-driven recommendations. Also, it has built-in tools to measure the effectiveness of an ad campaign.

The tool currently integrates with Google Ads and Facebook. It has a built-in grader tool to measure Facebook Ads performance for free. Plus, WordStream will provide you with insights to generate more leads and higher conversions and identify misleading ad objectives and goals.

What’s more, WordStream provides a free keyword tool. This feature simplifies the crucial keyword research process to personalize social media ads. All you need to do is enter a keyword or URL to get various keyword suggestions relevant to your industry.

2. Optimove

Optimove homepage
  • Price: by request
  • Key features: AI optimization, personalized dynamic ads

This AI-based social media tool has powerful features to personalize your ad campaigns. With the use of AI technology, Optimove aims to help brands display emotional intelligence to engage with social media users and establish brand loyalty.

Trusted by more than 500 brands, Optimove combines AI optimization, predictive analytics, and multi-channel campaign structuring to design customer-focused campaigns with the right messaging.

Optimove assesses customer data and presents easy-to-understand ad insights, helping to increase customer retention, conversions, and lifetime value. Also, the AI-led tool supports multi-channel customer communication. This way, you can collect more audience information to structure real-time personalized experiences on your social media platforms.

The tool’s AI optimization feature lets you identify revenue opportunities within your audience base. Moreover, users can utilize Optimove’s dynamic ads to perform an effective retargeting strategy.

3. Smartly.io

Smartly.io homepage
  • Price: by request
  • Key features: multi-platform management, dynamic image and video templates

Smartly.io is another great AI-powered social tool to streamline ad management. It integrates with various channels, including TikTok, Pinterest, Meta, and Google Marketing Platform.

The AI tool’s features include a multi-platform management system. This way, brands can launch campaigns from different ad groups through a single dashboard with an automated workflow. The platform also provides predictive algorithms to adjust bids and budgets, improving cost efficiency for your highest-performing campaigns.

Smartly.io offers pre-made templates for dynamic social media posts featuring images and videos. Users can generate videos, automate creative ads with data-driven insights, and repurpose them for distribution on multiple major platforms.

In addition, the tool supports social media analytics with AI. You can build an actionable reporting dashboard by importing third-party metrics and evaluating what works for different social networks. The dashboard will show real-time data visualization and automatic ad rotation options.

Social Media AI to Find Suitable Influencers for Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most popular strategies to boost your social media presence. However, finding the right influencer that aligns with your business values and niche can be challenging.

With AI, brands can conduct in-depth research to decide on suitable influencers based on data – including demographics, engagement rate, keywords, and profile performance. What’s more, AI tools can help brands market and track the effectiveness of an influencer marketing campaign and measure ROI.

Here are three AI tools to enhance your influencer research:

1. Emplifi

Emplifi homepage
  • Price: by request
  • Key features: AI-powered influencer discovery and analysis, influencer dashboard, social listening intelligence

The award-winning AI tool, Emplifi, offers influencer marketing solutions for enterprises. Over 20,000 brands from different industries use it, including Mercedes Benz and Domino’s.

Using GDPR-safe data from Instagram and YouTube, Emplifi Influencers helps brands find potential partners whose profiles match their audience. Not only that, but the tool’s AI-powered influencer discovery and analysis feature lets you manage, distribute, and track brand mentions and measure the success of your campaigns from one clean dashboard.

What’s more, Emplifi’s AI engine provides real-time insights to support social media content creation and ease decision-making for targeted influencer marketing campaigns.

Another feature worth noting is its advanced listening tool. Using machine learning, it can conduct sentiment analysis and provide spike alerts whenever there are anomalies in customer feedback. Also, it will give you a historical analysis of social media trends and user behaviors.

To increase conversions, you can integrate shoppable influencer content across multiple platforms aside from social channels, like eCommerce websites, digital ads, and email marketing. An influencer link tracking feature is also available to help users measure ROI and other metrics, such as engagement and reach.

2. Affable.ai

Affable.ai homepage
  • Price: flexible pricing with three plan options (SME, Pro, and Enterprise)
  • Key features: advanced search filters, campaign tracking, brand and competitor analysis

If you’re looking for an end-to-end influencer marketing platform, Affable.ai is a great option. This AI-based platform offers a user-friendly interface and social network integrations with Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

This tool is popular among marketers for its data-driven features. With Affable.ai, brands can conduct market studies to assess trending hashtags and influencer campaigns. Moreover, it enables users to compare influencer activities with competitors.

To refine the search process, use more than 20 advanced filters, including demographics, engagement rate, and brand affinities. With AI technology, you can find influencers based on your target audience profile. Also, the platform will help narrow down suitable prospects and engage with them through its Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) software.

Plus, the tool can track metrics like Estimated Reach and Estimated Impressions of Instagram Stories. This can help evaluate the effectiveness of your influencer marketing campaigns.

To better measure your social media efforts, create a unique link for each influencer to see how many clicks are generated. In addition, there’s an option to generate custom reports, enabling you to get holistic insights for your campaigns.

3. NeoReach

NeoReach homepage
  • Price: by request
  • Key features: intuitive analytics, seamless dashboard, fraud detection

NeoReach is a global platform assisting businesses from different industries to find suitable influencers. Having a direct network of influencers, the platform can match brands and prospects with data-backed insights.

Users can let NeoReach manage their campaigns or utilize the self-service software and APIs to independently search for influencers. There are over 40 filters to narrow down elements like keywords, profile performance, and demographics.

Navigate through a unified dashboard to perform various activities – from campaign planning and deadline monitoring to payment tracking. NeoReach can also manage legal contracts and compliance tasks.

Moreover, the platform has an AI-based fraud detection and reporting feature. With it, you can get detailed information on social users to identify fraudulent activities. All you need to do is provide the social profile or post URL, and NeoReach will email you the report.

Social Media AI to Schedule Content

Consistency is an important factor when it comes to maintaining a social media presence. Using AI, you can set a social schedule for publishing across multiple platforms to cover the week or month with an automated workflow. That way, you won’t need to manually post social media content.

Social media management tools can also track historical data to provide you with the best time to post content for higher engagement, while some offer added features for online collaboration.

Here are our tool recommendations for social media scheduling:

1. ContentStudio

Content Studio homepage
  • Price: $25-99/month
  • Key features: smart scheduling tools, social channel automation recipes

This all-in-one social media project management platform is an excellent choice for agencies and marketers. ContentStudio has a content generation feature, as well as social media publishing and scheduling tools.

Offering integrations with over 20 apps, including WordPress, the tool helps businesses improve their brand presence and generate a higher ROI.

With ContentStudio, users can organize a shareable content calendar for multiple channels. This way, agencies can invite team members to collaborate within the workspace. Additionally, agencies can benefit from instant content approval to reduce time-consuming client reviewing tasks.

The platform lets you plan and set post scheduling with a streamlined workflow using its custom queues and content categories. This makes planning weekly or even monthly posts for different social media accounts possible.

Additionally, ContentStudio’s Composer feature lets you create content for various social pages and publish them through a single dashboard. It also provides recommendations on the best time to post and a preview feature to optimize your content strategy.

Another strength of this AI social media tool is the automation recipes, enabling you to customize posts and create content with preset topics and preferences relevant to your brand.

2. HelloWoofy

helloWoofy homepage
  • Price: $99-699/year
  • Key features: date selection of up to 180 days, separate social calendars, smart library

Built for small and medium businesses, HelloWoofy uses AI to assist in social media management and optimization. This simple tool integrates with various social, content management, and publishing platforms.

Users can customize content scheduling for different social media marketing channels for up to 180 days in the future. You will have options to publish content manually or through an automated campaign. It’s also possible to integrate HelloWoofy with your website or blog to increase content engagement.

Additionally, HelloWoofy lets users save launched campaigns, as well as trending topics and hashtags, in its smart library. Users can also separate calendars for different social platforms.

3. Loomly

Loomly homepage
  • Price: starts from $26/month, Enterprise plan pricing by request
  • Key features: custom post ideas, post mockup, automated publishing

Lastly, consider Loomly to streamline your social media content scheduling tasks. It’s easy to use and offers a multi-management feature on a single dashboard. It also provides automated publishing, a content library, and real-time analytics.

The platform enables automation for channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. Also, you can get notifications through email or Slack each time your team member makes changes to a post.

Loomly offers a streamlined approval workflow to simplify the review process. This covers post mockups and version logs with an easy commenting system.

Moreover, this AI tool can provide post ideas based on Twitter trends, celebration dates, and trending topics. It also comes with a library to manage all your social media posts so you can repurpose one or more photos, videos, and post templates for future campaigns.

In addition, Loomly offers an analytics dashboard for social media monitoring. Measure post performance in real time using data filtering and period comparison to determine which content type and topic resonates with your audience.


The use of AI in social media is becoming increasingly popular in the digital marketing sphere. With AI, you can gather the latest insights, generate content, ease video creation, and automate tasks to optimize any social media campaign.

In this article, we’ve covered why it’s crucial to implement AI for your marketing strategy across different social media accounts.

Here’s a quick recap of our top AI social media tool recommendations:

  • Flick – an all-in-one content creation platform for social media managers and entrepreneurs.
  • Smartly.io – an excellent option for multi-platform ad management with advanced social analytics.
  • NeoReach – a powerful influencer marketing platform with over 40 search filters and fraud detection features.
  • ContentStudio – a great choice for easy social media scheduling and publishing.

We hope this article helps you pick a suitable social media AI tool for your business. Good luck with your social media journey!

Social Media AI FAQ

Check some frequently asked questions below to learn more about social media AI.

How Does Social Media AI Work?

Social media AI combines various artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to understand and process user commands. These technologies include computer vision, social listening, and natural language processing. 

It can perform image generation, data collection and analysis, ad optimization, and advanced filtering, helping users publish personalized content for various social media platforms.

How Can Social Media AI Be Used for Marketing Purposes?

AI algorithms can provide advanced social media analytics and useful insights to improve your marketing campaigns. AI-powered tools can also segment social media audiences and user interests to provide relevant and engaging content recommendations. 

How Do I Create a Social Media AI Strategy?

Start by determining your campaign objectives and key audience profiles. Then, decide on the type of platform integrations you need. 

From there, research AI tools that provide sufficient data collection, automation, collaboration, and campaign management features. Finally, define the performance metrics to optimize social media monitoring and adjust your campaign for the best results.

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