WordPress Pricing in 2024 – How Much Does a WordPress Website Cost?

WordPress Pricing in 2024 – How Much Does a WordPress Website Cost?

Started as a simple blogging platform, WordPress has evolved into a flexible site-building platform and a comprehensive Content Management System (CMS). It lets you build any site, from a small blog to a robust eCommerce store.

Since WordPress is very popular for many use cases, you might wonder how much it costs to build a WordPress site. However, calculating WordPress costs is not as straightforward as it seems. The core WordPress software is technically free, but some additional costs will occur.

With this in mind, we’ll go over everything that goes into WordPress website pricing, such as hosting plans, domain name, themes, and other extensions. We will also quickly compare the pricing models of the two WordPress platforms, WordPress.org. And WordPress.com.

Pricing Breakdown for WordPress.org and WordPress.com

Nowadays, WordPress is represented by two different platforms. The key difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com is the hosting provider.

WordPress.org is a self-hosted version of WordPress, meaning users must host their websites with a chosen hosting provider. In contrast, all WordPress.com sites are hosted by Automattic.

With this in mind, the pricing for both platforms varies. First, let’s go through WordPress.org pricing.


Since WordPress.org is a self-hosted platform, you must download the core software and calculate expenses for other required resources. These include a domain name, a web hosting plan, and premium WordPress plugins and themes.

Hostinger’s website hosting service costs ₱89.00–₱1609.00/month depending on the plan. You will also need a domain name and SSL certificate, which cost $0.99-39.99/year and $0-1,000/year, respectively.

Fortunately, Hostinger offers a free domain for one year with select hosting plans and a free lifetime SSL certificate with all plans to help you keep costs down.

The next essential components are WordPress themes and plugins to complete your website design and functionality. Although free ones are available, paid themes and plugins can cost between $2-1,000/license.

Here is a quick summary of the estimated costs of a self-hosted WordPress site.

Website Hosting₱89.00–₱1609.00/month
Domain Name$0.99-39.99/year
SSL Certificates$0-1,000/year
Premium Themes$2-200/year, up to $1,000 for a lifetime license
Premium Plugins$2-1,000/year/plugin

Remember that a website’s cost will depend on its size and complexity. Running simple WordPress websites like blogs or business websites will cost less than robust WordPress sites, such as online stores or streaming sites.


You can set up a website with the free plan. However, you must subscribe to one of WordPress’ paid plans to run a website for commercial purposes with a custom domain name. The WordPress pricing tiers range between $5-63/month.

WordPress.com pricing table, showing the prices and features for starter, explorer, creator, and entrepreneur plans

Each premium plan includes a free domain name for a year and unlimited email support. Moreover, the Explorer, Creator, and Entrepreneur plans also come with Google Analytics integration, premium themes, and live chat support.

While WordPress.com supports multiple monetization methods, they come with several downsides. For example, users can only run ads by joining their advertising program, WordAds, in return for shared ad revenue.

WordPress.com also regulates other monetization methods like affiliate links, memberships, and donations. In other words, WordPress.com users don’t have complete control over their monetization options.

If you want unlimited monetization options as well as more freedom and control over your site, you are better off building a WordPress website with WordPress.org.

The Main Expenses for a WordPress Site

Now that you have a rough idea of WordPress pricing, let’s review the main expenses of a WordPress.org website and its details.

Web Hosting – From ₱89.00/Month

Web hosting and domain name are the essential building blocks to creating a fully-functional WordPress website. The cost of a web hosting plan differs based on its type and allocated resources. Here are several hosting types you can purchase.

Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is specifically designed and optimized for WordPress websites. It offers an easy setup process to create a WordPress site with pre-installed performance-optimizing plugins.

Hostinger offers some of the best WordPress hosting plans in the market. Our managed WordPress hosting plans cost ₱89.00–₱499.00/month. They provide useful features like a staging tool and auto-updates to ensure smooth maintenance. Object caching also speeds up your WordPress site up to three times faster.

Basic Web Hosting

Basic web hosting is the most affordable option and is suitable for small businesses and personal websites. Since users share the server and its resources, it’s also known as shared hosting. It’s the most affordable option compared to other hosting types.

Hostinger’s basic web hosting plans cost ₱89.00–₱169.00/month.

They come with an auto-installer that lets you set up WordPress or other CMS in a few clicks. Meanwhile, the built-in malware scanner and web application firewall protect your site from attackers.

Pro Tip

Learn the difference between shared vs managed WordPress hosting to see which one fits your needs best.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting uses a cluster of servers to balance site load and minimize downtime. If one server goes down, another will keep your WordPress site running.

Cloud hosting uses virtualization to split physical server resources into multiple virtual servers. This approach increases performance and uptime, ensuring a smooth-running website even when you get a spike of visitors.

Due to its sophisticated infrastructure, cloud hosting is pricier than other hosting types. Hostinger’s cloud hosting plans cost between ₱499.00–₱1609.00/month.

We recommend investing in cloud hosting if you run a high-traffic site, such as an eCommerce store or a corporate website.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

VPS splits one physical server into multiple virtual servers, with each partition isolated from the other. Due to its private environment, VPS hosting is great for creating WordPress websites with custom server configuration.

This hosting type provides greater control over the server, as users will have the root access and flexibility to set up the server however they want.

However, VPS requires more technical knowledge from its user. It is more suitable for users who want to tweak their server configuration and run customized WordPress sites.

Hostinger’s VPS web hosting plans range from ₱299.00 to ₱1159.00/month.

To summarize, Hostinger’s web hosting plans cost ₱89.00–₱1609.00/month. Note that the starting monthly prices for each web hosting account differ from the renewal costs.

For instance, depending on the length of your Hostinger’s Business hosting plan subscription, the renewal cost varies between ₱169.00–₱479.00/month.

If you choose the 48-month plan, the monthly subscription cost will be ₱169.00/month for four years. Once the period is over, the monthly cost of this business plan will be $8.99/month.

Pro Tip

Find a bundled web hosting and domain name plan to reduce your WordPress cost. With Hostinger, the Premium Web Hosting plan or higher includes a free domain worth $9.99. In addition, you’ll get free unlimited Encrypt SSL certificates on all hosting plans.

To further reduce your WordPress cost, consider these factors:

  • Know the hosting type you need. Take your time to choose the right web hosting plan for your WordPress site. Identify your site’s needs first so that you’ll get what you pay for. Also, consider which web server you prefer, what web applications you want to use, and whether you need a managed hosting environment.
  • Determine your budget. Choose a WordPress hosting plan if you don’t expect a lot of website visitors but want an environment optimized for WordPress. If you have a flexible budget, a cloud or VPS plan will allow more room for your site to grow.
  • Compare several hosting providers. Doing research before choosing a WordPress hosting provider can go a long way. Each web host usually specializes in a specific hosting type. Test their claims and read trusted customer reviews before finalizing your order to ensure the best option.

Domain Name – Starting at $0.99/year

You need a custom domain to build a website with WordPress.org. This domain name will act as your website’s address, for example, mywordpresssite.com.

A domain name’s cost partly depends on the chosen TLD (top-level domain). The most common gTLDs (general top-level domains) are .com, .net, and .org domain name extensions.

The most popular gTLD is .com, which costs $9.99/year at Hostinger. Another favored gTLD, .net, costs $12.99/year.

TLD Registration Renewal Transfer
.studio ₱849.00 ₱1409.00 ₱1409.00
.ro ₱1859.00 ₱1859.00 ₱1859.00
.dog ₱449.00 ₱3039.00 ₱3035.31
.ca ₱569.00 ₱959.00 ₱739.00
.family ₱789.00 ₱1469.00 ₱779.00
.sbs ₱59.00 ₱789.00 ₱509.00
.com ₱509.00 ₱679.00 ₱569.00
.marketing ₱3777.00 ₱5067.00 ₱1689.00
.co.in ₱399.00 ₱449.00 ₱399.00
.co.uk ₱1128.00 ₱1358.00 ₱59.00
.biz ₱899.00 ₱959.00 ₱959.00
.in ₱908.00 ₱1138.00 ₱339.00
.es ₱938.00 ₱998.00 ₱59.00
.pk ₱6298.00 ₱6299.00 -
.info ₱229.00 ₱1409.00 ₱959.00
.ventures ₱3608.00 ₱5638.00 ₱2419.00
.name ₱679.00 ₱849.00 ₱679.00
.care ₱789.00 ₱1689.00 ₱789.00
.eu ₱219.00 ₱409.00 ₱279.00
.cash ₱789.00 ₱1689.00 ₱789.00
.mobi ₱339.00 ₱1689.00 ₱1239.00
.tools ₱569.00 ₱1689.00 ₱1686.03
.org.in ₱509.00 ₱569.00 ₱509.00
.photos ₱739.00 ₱1239.00 ₱1236.27
.ind.in ₱1647.00 ₱1707.00 ₱509.00
.media ₱339.00 ₱1689.00 ₱1689.00
.org ₱449.00 ₱899.00 ₱739.00
.finance ₱849.00 ₱3319.00 ₱2529.00
.net ₱1468.00 ₱1798.00 ₱849.00
.exchange ₱619.00 ₱1689.00 ₱1519.00
.ws ₱2079.00 ₱2249.00 ₱789.00
.ph ₱3599.00 ₱3599.00 ₱4599.00
.be ₱399.00 ₱399.00 ₱399.00
.city ₱339.00 ₱1129.00 ₱339.00
.xyz ₱908.00 ₱1578.00 ₱569.00
.run ₱229.00 ₱1129.00 ₱229.00
.ch ₱399.00 ₱399.00 ₱59.00
.plus ₱569.00 ₱1859.00 ₱399.00
.co ₱1689.00 ₱1969.00 ₱1349.00
.cool ₱399.00 ₱1689.00 ₱399.00
.com.co ₱2377.00 ₱2547.00 ₱679.00
.me.uk ₱509.00 ₱619.00 ₱619.00
.net.in ₱1468.00 ₱1578.00 ₱509.00
.vin ₱569.00 ₱3939.00 ₱3372.63
.fr ₱439.00 ₱559.00 ₱449.00
.money ₱739.00 ₱1859.00 ₱1854.69
.org.uk ₱1188.00 ₱1238.00 ₱59.00
.credit ₱569.00 ₱5629.00 ₱5621.43
.cz ₱1519.00 ₱1519.00 ₱59.00
.pet ₱739.00 ₱1189.00 ₱1180.05
.pw ₱449.00 ₱1129.00 ₱59.00
.business ₱1138.00 ₱1478.00 ₱739.00
.com.es ₱1638.00 ₱1698.00 ₱59.00
.click ₱1357.00 ₱1857.00 ₱599.00
.ist ₱2478.00 ₱2478.00 ₱1239.00
.io ₱2249.00 ₱2819.00 ₱2819.00
.de ₱229.00 ₱289.00 ₱289.00
.education ₱1129.00 ₱1689.00 ₱1299.00
.gr ₱1758.00 ₱1799.00 ₱59.00
.games ₱679.00 ₱1629.00 ₱1239.00
.nu ₱899.00 ₱899.00 ₱59.00
.zone ₱449.00 ₱1799.00 ₱1799.00
.se ₱899.00 ₱1069.00 ₱59.00
.blog ₱119.00 ₱1689.00 ₱1469.00
.it ₱959.00 ₱959.00 ₱959.00
.bio ₱569.00 ₱3939.00 ₱399.00
.nl ₱339.00 ₱399.00 ₱59.00
.llc ₱2878.00 ₱3718.00 ₱1019.00
.online ₱2028.00 ₱3938.00 ₱1399.00
.fyi ₱2028.00 ₱2258.00 ₱389.00
.pl ₱229.00 ₱1409.00 ₱59.00
.travel ₱1969.00 ₱6749.00 ₱5629.00
.store ₱59.00 ₱2929.00 ₱2529.00
.land ₱849.00 ₱2029.00 ₱789.00
.tech ₱5977.00 ₱8787.00 ₱2199.00
.photography ₱619.00 ₱1239.00 ₱1469.00
.cat ₱509.00 ₱1299.00 ₱1299.00
.bet ₱619.00 ₱1129.00 ₱619.00
.at ₱739.00 ₱739.00 ₱679.00
.house ₱619.00 ₱1689.00 ₱589.00
.ae.org ₱1069.00 ₱1069.00 ₱1069.00
.coffee ₱619.00 ₱1689.00 ₱509.00
.ag ₱5229.00 ₱5229.00 ₱5229.00
.farm ₱619.00 ₱1689.00 ₱589.00
.am ₱2819.00 ₱2819.00 ₱2479.00
.cyou ₱59.00 ₱789.00 ₱509.00
.bz ₱1239.00 ₱1239.00 ₱1239.00
.gg ₱8998.00 ₱10119.00 ₱8376.78
.cc ₱619.00 ₱619.00 ₱619.00
.codes ₱449.00 ₱4219.00 ₱3372.63
.cl ₱739.00 ₱739.00 ₱739.00
.technology ₱739.00 ₱1969.00 ₱1461.15
.com.de ₱339.00 ₱339.00 ₱339.00
.show ₱569.00 ₱2079.00 ₱2079.57
.com.mx ₱789.00 ₱1689.00 ₱1299.00
.video ₱739.00 ₱1859.00 ₱1854.69
.com.pl ₱229.00 ₱679.00 ₱59.00
.guide ₱1129.00 ₱1859.00 ₱1854.69
.com.pt ₱1069.00 ₱1069.00 ₱1069.00
.football ₱1019.00 ₱1239.00 ₱1236.27
.dk ₱509.00 ₱509.00 ₱55.65
.healthcare ₱1579.00 ₱3429.00 ₱3428.85
.cx ₱1129.00 ₱1299.00 ₱1069.00
.top ₱1366.00 ₱1596.00 ₱399.00
.fm ₱5059.00 ₱5059.00 ₱3215.00
.digital ₱169.00 ₱1579.00 ₱1579.00
.com.se ₱619.00 ₱619.00 ₱619.00
.help ₱569.00 ₱3379.00 ₱1252.00
.info.pl ₱229.00 ₱679.00 ₱679.00
.properties ₱4677.00 ₱4737.00 ₱1069.00
.in.net ₱449.00 ₱449.00 ₱449.00
.app ₱899.00 ₱1019.00 ₱899.00
.la ₱1799.00 ₱1799.00 ₱59.00
.dev ₱849.00 ₱849.00 ₱849.00
.lt ₱499.00 ₱559.00 ₱0.49
.ai ₱10118.00 ₱11249.00 ₱8999.00
.li ₱569.00 ₱569.00 ₱399.00
.academy ₱849.00 ₱1689.00 ₱1689.00
.lu ₱1069.00 ₱1069.00 ₱1069.00
.center ₱509.00 ₱1129.00 ₱1129.00
.lv ₱899.00 ₱899.00 ₱59.00
.expert ₱449.00 ₱2819.00 ₱2529.00
.me ₱449.00 ₱1129.00 ₱899.00
.pro ₱169.00 ₱1409.00 ₱1129.00
.mx ₱2249.00 ₱2249.00 ₱1859.00
.fi ₱739.00 ₱739.00 ₱49.00
.pt ₱1069.00 ₱1069.00 ₱59.00
.jp ₱1969.00 ₱1969.00 ₱59.00
.pm ₱569.00 ₱569.00 ₱569.00
.art ₱2987.00 ₱4227.00 ₱849.00
.net.pl ₱229.00 ₱679.00 ₱59.00
.social ₱509.00 ₱1689.00 ₱1579.00
.re ₱509.00 ₱509.00 ₱509.00
.wtf ₱339.00 ₱1919.00 ₱1469.00
.tv ₱1969.00 ₱1969.00 ₱1799.00
.global ₱1579.00 ₱3939.00 ₱1549.00
.tf ₱569.00 ₱569.00 ₱569.00
.team ₱229.00 ₱1689.00 ₱229.00
.vc ₱1799.00 ₱1969.00 ₱1579.00
.works ₱339.00 ₱1689.00 ₱289.00
.wf ₱569.00 ₱569.00 ₱569.00
.software ₱2478.00 ₱3378.00 ₱789.00
.xxx ₱5629.00 ₱6189.00 ₱4779.00
.market ₱2029.00 ₱2699.00 ₱1686.03
.yt ₱569.00 ₱569.00 ₱569.00
.community ₱1129.00 ₱2029.00 ₱789.00
.us ₱509.00 ₱509.00 ₱509.00
.green ₱399.00 ₱3829.00 ₱389.00
.site ₱59.00 ₱1859.00 ₱1299.00
.support ₱339.00 ₱1239.00 ₱1129.00
.website ₱59.00 ₱1469.00 ₱959.00
.systems ₱619.00 ₱1689.00 ₱1349.00
.space ₱59.00 ₱1189.00 ₱959.00
.ac ₱1969.00 ₱3319.00 -
.shop ₱59.00 ₱1969.00 ₱1469.00
.coach ₱789.00 ₱2819.00 ₱2649.00
.club ₱899.00 ₱899.00 ₱679.00
.consulting ₱1129.00 ₱2249.00 ₱1919.00
.email ₱339.00 ₱1069.00 ₱1069.00
.energy ₱619.00 ₱5629.00 ₱619.00
.guru ₱1519.00 ₱1629.00 ₱1484.00
.capital ₱3438.00 ₱5638.00 ₱619.00
.uk ₱1687.00 ₱1857.00 ₱59.00
.cafe ₱399.00 ₱1859.00 ₱399.00
.icu ₱59.00 ₱789.00 ₱1325.00
.chat ₱619.00 ₱1689.00 ₱619.00
.agency ₱399.00 ₱1069.00 ₱1069.00
.boutique ₱229.00 ₱1689.00 ₱229.00
.company ₱289.00 ₱509.00 ₱619.00
.events ₱2138.00 ₱3378.00 ₱429.00
.group ₱569.00 ₱619.00 ₱899.00
.bond ₱119.00 ₱789.00 ₱509.00
.live ₱199.00 ₱1689.00 ₱1299.00
.cfd ₱59.00 ₱789.00 ₱509.00
.life ₱169.00 ₱1579.00 ₱1579.00
.ae ₱6078.00 ₱6638.00 ₱2819.00
.network ₱259.00 ₱1069.00 ₱1349.00
.pe ₱5059.00 ₱7309.00 ₱5621.43
.ltd ₱479.00 ₱1069.00 ₱1189.00
.mba ₱1299.00 ₱2529.00 ₱2079.57
.news ₱569.00 ₱1189.00 ₱1299.00
.ninja ₱959.00 ₱2079.00 ₱1686.03
.today ₱199.00 ₱1069.00 ₱1069.00
.international ₱739.00 ₱1969.00 ₱1461.15
.solutions ₱569.00 ₱1069.00 ₱1239.00
.fund ₱1299.00 ₱4279.00 ₱3147.75
.services ₱369.00 ₱1519.00 ₱1519.00
.school ₱449.00 ₱1859.00 ₱1854.69
.rocks ₱399.00 ₱619.00 ₱849.00
.legal ₱449.00 ₱3379.00 ₱3372.63
.press ₱6927.00 ₱10137.00 ₱3099.00
.training ₱739.00 ₱1859.00 ₱1859.00
.world ₱1718.00 ₱3038.00 ₱1519.00
.sale ₱449.00 ₱1859.00 ₱1854.69
.uno ₱59.00 ₱1129.00 ₱959.00
.wine ₱449.00 ₱2819.00 ₱2810.43
.com.au ₱509.00 ₱789.00 ₱59.00
.gold ₱449.00 ₱5629.00 ₱5621.43
.fun ₱1918.00 ₱3718.00 ₱1019.00
.band ₱1299.00 ₱1469.00 ₱1461.15
.host ₱8607.00 ₱12657.00 ₱3499.00
.pictures ₱449.00 ₱679.00 ₱674.07
.link ₱1358.00 ₱1478.00 ₱599.00
.restaurant ₱1019.00 ₱3039.00 ₱3035.31
.cloud ₱1188.00 ₱2138.00 ₱1069.00
.domains ₱1019.00 ₱2079.00 ₱2079.57
.asia ₱1478.00 ₱1478.00 ₱739.00

Meanwhile, cheap domain names with niche gTLDs like .live, .tech, .online, and .xyz cost $0.99. Although they might not be as popular, these TLDs can make your domain more unique and specific, making them a viable alternative.

Another popular top-level domain type is the country-code top-level domain (ccTLD). These extensions are assigned for specific countries worldwide, such as the .us TLD for the United States, .in for India, and the .se domain for Sweden.

Many businesses and brands use ccTLDs to provide localized content and boost visibility. Depending on the domain registrar, the price of country-code domain names ranges between $5.50-49.99/year.

On the more expensive end, the .ai domain extension costs $129.99/year. Consider this cost when building an AI-related WordPress site with the extension.

Use our domain name search tool to compare the prices and see if your desired domain name is available. If it is taken, the domain checker can help you pick alternatives. Make sure to choose a domain name that represents your business so users can remember it easier.

Domain Name Checker

Instantly check domain name availability.

Among all the TLDs, .com is one of the most expensive yet the most recommended option. Here are some reasons why:

  • Credibility. Many big brands use .com as their domain name extension. Getting one for your WordPress website can help boost credibility and build trust with your customers.
  • SEO ranking. Google and other search engines favor .com websites due to their perceived credibility and authority. Search engines are more likely to display search results from websites with general TLDs rather than country code domains.
  • Popularity. Since most websites use the .com extension, many people automatically type a website address followed by this TLD. Choosing a .com domain will make it easier for your customers to find your brand.

After you buy a domain from a registrar, the company will help register it on your behalf. To ensure a legitimate transaction, choose a domain registrar accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Once registered, you must renew the domain name annually to maintain your ownership. If you fail to do so before the expiration date, all services attached to your domain name will stop functioning.

Note that registering your domain means allowing your personal information to be publicly available on the WHOIS database. Hence, you might also want to purchase domain privacy protection. Domain privacy costs vary, but fortunately, Hostinger offers it for free.

Important! Registration fees for each domain name also depend on the domain provider. The prices range between $12.99-28.00/year, depending on how long you register the domain.

Website Maintenance and Security – $5-$1,500/month

Website maintenance is vital to ensure optimized performance and availability. Regular WordPress site maintenance can boost search engine rankings, drive returning traffic, and generate conversions.

The cost of your WordPress site maintenance depends on several factors, from hosting types and domain names to website software and applications. The size of your WordPress website also contributes to the total maintenance cost.

For example, a small professional website, like John Green’s portfolio, costs less than a giant online store like Amazon or Etsy.

To help you estimate, we have prepared a table of average monthly maintenance costs based on different types of WordPress sites.

Type of WordPress websiteAverage monthly cost
Personal website$5-25/month
Professional blogging site$25-75/month
Large business website$35-300/month
Small-to-medium sized eCommerce site$150-1,500/month
Enterprise-level online store$1,500/month

Aside from the website size, maintenance costs also depend on the approach or services you use. For example, if you hire a web developer to create a custom site, the expected WordPress cost might skyrocket from $15,000 to $25,000.

Some maintenance costs are essential, while others are optional. Essential maintenance costs include everything from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to website security. Meanwhile, expenses for email services, digital marketing, and web designer assistance are important but not always necessary.

SSL Certificates

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a data transfer protocol that encrypts data sent between servers and clients.

The benefits of an SSL certificate include privacy and data protection. All websites that handle sensitive user information, such as credit card details, should have an SSL certificate.

When an SSL certificate is installed on your WordPress website, HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) will appear at the beginning of your site’s address. A padlock symbol signifying the website’s security will also be shown.

Padlock at the beginning of the site's address, showing the website is secure

Hostinger includes a free SSL certificate with all hosting plans. However, there are paid SSL options for WordPress users who want a higher level of validation.

The price of premium SSL certificates varies based on their types and validation levels. Make sure to research before purchasing a paid SSL for your WordPress site.

Domain Validated (DV) SSL like Let’s Encrypt or Comodo PositiveSSL should be enough to secure personal websites or small blogs. You only need to prove your domain ownership to obtain this certificate.

On the other hand, WordPress eCommerce sites that handle online transactions should consider a Wildcard SSL certificate to secure multiple domains and subdomains. For example, the ComodoSSL PositiveSSL Wildcard (DV) starts at $69.78/year.

Important! Your site’s security is only as good as the server it’s hosted on. Choose a reliable hosting provider that is packed with advanced security features.

Premium Themes and Plugins – $2-$1,500/month

Every WordPress website needs a theme as the backbone of its design. Although there are default WordPress themes and free ones in the theme directory, premium themes provide more intricate design components and support that free themes don’t have.

Alongside themes, WordPress websites require plugins to install additional features that make the website work as intended. While free plugins offer basic functions, the premium ones offer advanced features that some users need to better optimize their websites.

WordPress Themes

WordPress has a wide array of themes available for all users, from free WordPress themes to paid ones ranging between $2-200/year or up to $1,000 for a lifetime license.

Once you have installed WordPress, you can find a free WordPress theme through your admin dashboard. Simply head over Appearance → Themes → Add New Theme.

The official theme library accessed from the WordPress dashboard

You can browse free themes in specific categories, such as the latest uploaded or the most popular. Additionally, filter them by subject, features, or layouts. For example, if you want to look for WordPress blog themes, check the Blog box and hit Apply Filter.

Note that free themes aren’t necessarily poor quality. Each theme in the official library was created by a credible WordPress developer and assessed by the theme review team.

That said, free themes don’t usually come with the necessary features to develop a feature-rich WordPress website. In such cases, installing a premium theme is the better solution.

If you’re unsure whether to opt for a premium theme, consider the following benefits:

  • Advanced functionality. Paid themes come with various customization options and website builder functionality. For example, the Flatsome theme has a page builder that makes designing easy. Additionally, the built-in eCommerce features make it unnecessary to install extra plugins.
  • A dedicated support team. Multiple support channels allow you to send an email or call whenever you need assistance with setting up the theme, fixing issues, or reporting bugs. Instead of browsing community forums, you will receive exclusive support from the developer.
  • Regular updates and fixes. Just like any other software, a WordPress theme needs to be updated regularly for better security and performance. Premium themes will guarantee these regular updates and fixes, including patching any vulnerabilities.
  • Optimized SEO. Due to its superior performance and mobile-friendliness, applying a premium theme is one of the best WordPress SEO tips to implement. This is because Google and other search engines favor fast and responsive websites on their SERPs.

If you want a premium theme, it’s best to buy directly from the developer’s website, such as Astra and OceanWP. Alternatively, trusted platforms like ThemeForest, Themeisle, and Elegant Themes offer plenty of choices to pick from.

WordPress Plugins

Plugins are software that adds new features or extends the functionality of existing WordPress features. These make WordPress a flexible platform, as users can customize the website’s functions without touching any code.

There are three types of plugins:

  • Free plugins. These plugins are often open-source and created by non-profiting individuals or organizations. They are completely free with no upfront or add-on costs.
  • Freemium plugins. Usually developed as an introduction to the paid versions. Users can use the basic features, but they have to purchase the premium plan to unlock additional functionality.
  • Premium plugins. A paid-only option that offers no free version. They often provide extensive features, customer support, and regular updates.

Generally, freemium and premium plugins range between $2-1,000/year. They are also priced differently, from one-time fees to monthly or annual subscriptions. The total cost of WordPress plugins for every website can vary widely depending on the number of plugins installed.

Important! Installing too many plugins can lead to performance and security issues. Be sure to only install the necessary plugins.

With over 60,000 options in the WordPress plugin directory, there are many high-quality choices to fulfill your needs. However, the overwhelming number might make it difficult to choose the right one for your WordPress site. Here are some of the best WordPress plugins to install:

  • Sucuri Security. Sucuri is a free all-in-one security solution. It includes features such as remote malware scanning, file integrity monitoring, and security activity auditing. It also offers a website firewall as a paid add-on.
  • Jetpack. Combines security, performance, and marketing tools into one, eliminating the need for multiple plugins. The complete premium version starts at $24.95/year. It comes with spam protection, unlimited backup storage, and one-click restores.
  • AIOSEO. One of the leading WordPress SEO plugins that help you optimize content for search engines by analyzing focus keywords, keyword density, and meta descriptions. For $49.6/year, you can access advanced tools, such as in-depth on-page analysis and ChatGPT AI tools integration.
  • MonsterInsights. Integrates Google Analytics with WordPress websites so you can track your website’s analytics straight from your WordPress dashboard. The premium version starts at $99.5/year and provides real-time analytics, full data range history, and search keyword reports.
  • WPForms. A drag-and-drop contact form builder that helps you gather leads and subscribers. The premium version starts at $49.5/year, and it comes with smart conditional logic and various templates. This contact form plugin is best paired with a newsletter plugin to enhance your marketing strategy.
  • Mailchimp for WordPress. Provides the tools needed to boost your marketing campaigns. The premium plan starts at $59/year and includes a WordPress form builder and a comprehensive analytics report.

WordPress Costs for a Blog – From $12/month

In 2022, there were approximately 32.7 million bloggers in the US alone, and the number is still growing. This is because starting a blog is one of the most popular and straightforward solutions to build an online presence.

If you want to create a blog and turn your hobby into an additional source of income, there are some essentials to invest in. We will go over the basic WordPress blog expenses you must anticipate.

Remember that the cost of building and running a blog will differ depending on your specific approach. The following estimation will focus solely on the initial blog setup cost.

Domain name$0.99/year
Assuming you choose the most affordable domain.
If you’re just starting, Hostinger’s Premium web hosting plan can be a cost-effective option.
SSL certificateFree
PluginsAIOSEO: $49.6/year
Security and search engine optimization plugins are essential. In this estimation, you’ve installed a premium plugin of each type.
We picked the premium version of Astra, which offers plenty of pre-built templates and advanced features to scale up your blog.

The estimated upfront cost of a WordPress blog starts at around $173, as you must pay some annual or monthly costs in advance. Then, the effective recurring monthly cost is around $12.

Note that the total cost will depend on your decisions. You can minimize costs by installing free plugins and themes. Conversely, the cost will increase if you add more paid plugins or opt for a more expensive hosting plan or domain name extension.

WordPress Costs for an eCommerce Website – From $41/month

WordPress doesn’t come with built-in eCommerce functionality. However, the free and widely popular WordPress plugin WooCommerce lets you add eCommerce functionality to your website.

Simply head to the plugin directory and install WooCommerce from your admin dashboard. The plugin has basic store functionality, including seamless integrations with various payment gateways.

Estimating the cost of an eCommerce site is a crucial step when starting an eCommerce business. Doing so will help you anticipate how much you’ll need to spend.

To help you calculate your budget, we will show you how much it costs to build a barebones eCommerce website.

Domain name$9.99/year
Assuming you choose the .com domain to boost credibility.
Hostinger’s WordPress Cloud Startup plan offers excellent scalability for growing small to medium-sized businesses.
SSL certificate$72.18/year
Although the hosting already provides a free one, we recommend upgrading to an OV or EV SSL to increase customer trust.
PluginsAIOSEO: $49.6/year
OptinMonster: $9/month
The price of the Shopkeeper premium theme from our best WordPress eCommerce themes list.

The estimated cost of starting a WordPress eCommerce website is around $673 and around $41 for the monthly recurring costs.

You can reduce your monthly hosting expenses if you only have a few products and traffic at the beginning. In this case, you can start with the basic WooCommerce Business plan, which costs $3.99/month.

The total cost will also vary depending on the tools and functionalities your business needs. We recommend starting with basic eCommerce functionality before adding more advanced WooCommerce plugins.

WordPress Costs for a Small Business Website – From $27/month

Having a professional website is paramount to success. With more than 66% of purchases starting with online research, it can help you establish credibility and reach a wider audience.

A business website also serves as the foundation of your digital marketing efforts. When maintained properly, it can expose you to more opportunities and help you stand out from the competition.

Let’s calculate the cost of starting a small business website.

Domain name$9.99/year
Use .com to establish domain authority more easily.
Business hosting plan from Hostinger is optimized for small business websites.
SSL certificateFree
The hosting plan comes with unlimited SSL, which should be enough to protect your site’s privacy.
PluginsAIOSEO: $49.6/year
WPForms: $49.5/year
Mailchimp: $59/year
We picked Astra since it’s one of the fastest WordPress themes for multiple purposes.

Anticipate spending around $403 on upfront costs for a small WordPress business website. Meanwhile, the recurring monthly payments will amount to around $27/month.

The estimated cost above only covers a business site’s basic infrastructure. We recommend adding WPForms and Mailchimp to collect leads and optimize your email marketing strategy.

WordPress Costs for a Custom Website – From $3,500

A custom WordPress website is uniquely generated from scratch to suit your needs.

Building one gives you complete control over website design and functionality with custom themes and scripts. This level of customization lets you fulfill specific business and customer demands.

However, building a custom WordPress website will require advanced technical knowledge. If you don’t have it, it’s best to hire a WordPress developer or web designer. However, they are usually expensive.

Domain name$9.99/year
A .com domain for optimized visibility on the SERPs.
Hostinger’s Cloud Professional hosting plan is excellent for optimizing performance and uptime.
SSL certificateFree
The hosting plan comes with unlimited SSL.
Custom pluginsStart at $2,000/one-time fee
A custom-made plugin tailored to provide specific functionality on your website.
Custom themesStart at $1,500/one-time fee
Specifically tailored to serve specific purposes of your website.

The initial cost of building a custom WordPress website amounts to around $3,500. Meanwhile, the recurring expenses depend on your agreement with the web developer. For example, you might need around $500-1,000 to pay for monthly maintenance.

If you have a tight budget, hire aspiring freelance developers from platforms like Fiverr or Upwork. Their services usually start at $20/hour or $400/project, but you can always negotiate. Remember to read through testimonials before choosing a developer to work with.


Various factors influence the cost of your WordPress website – from its size and functionality to the maintenance strategy and marketing approach. The prices listed in this article should help you estimate your own WordPress website’s cost.

For example, a simple blog can be as low as $19/month. On the other hand, a custom-built website with many pages may cost $3,500.

These costs are the sum of various components that build a WordPress website. To wrap up, here is a recap of a WordPress website’s needs and how much they cost:

  • Domain name. Generally, this will cost around $0.99-39.99/year.
  • Web hosting. Hosting lets users store their websites and make them available on the internet. Hostinger’s hosting plan range from ₱89.00–₱1609.00/month.
  • WordPress theme. Select a ready-to-use free theme from the WordPress directory or buy a premium one for $2-200/year or up to $1,000/license. Research the pricing models to know whether you’ll need to pay in advance or periodically.
  • WordPress plugins. Some website extensions are free to download, while others cost $2-1,000/year.
  • Developer fees. If you plan to hire a freelancer or a full-time developer, it may cost you $20/hour or $400/project.

When building a website, we highly recommend starting small with free versions of the optional components. Once you have growing traffic and an audience, consider adding premium features and templates to your site.

Now that you have an idea of WordPress website pricing, we wish you good luck with creating it. Don’t hesitate to comment below if you have any comments or questions.

WordPress Pricing FAQ

To understand WordPress pricing better, here are some frequently asked questions.

Is WordPress Worth It?

Yes, WordPress is worth it for building a website. It offers a flexible and customizable platform, a large community of developers and users, and a wide range of plugins and themes. It is also easy to use, SEO-friendly, and suitable for various types of websites.

How Much Does the Average WordPress Website Cost?

The cost of an average WordPress site varies depending on factors such as hosting, domain, theme and plugin costs, design and development, and ongoing maintenance. However, a basic WordPress site or blog can cost as little as $7.99/month.

Are There Any Hidden Costs With WordPress?

Although WordPress software is free, there are costs associated with building a website with it. First, you need a hosting service and a domain name to get a WordPress website up and running. Then, you may need to pay for premium themes, plugins, or development services to scale up the website.

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