29 Best Web Design Agencies for Your Website in 2024

Excellent web design can create a good first impression, showcase a brand’s personality, and let visitors easily navigate the website. 77% of agencies agree that bad UX design is a weakness for business websites.

Luckily, there are various web design companies available for different web development projects for website owners to hire.

That said, choosing the best web design company can be time-consuming. Knowing what to look for in such a company is essential to smoothen the process. The factors include the agency services, pricing, and the minimum requirement of the project size.

In this article, we will explore our top pick of 29 web design agencies to help scale your business online.

The 29 Best Web Design Agencies

If you’re in search of a professional and reliable web design agency, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the best web design agencies that can help you create a stunning online presence for your business.

1. Instrument

The homepage of Instrument, a web design and marketing agency

Instrument stats:

  • Best for: large corporations and leading brands
  • Services offered: web design, UI/UX design, software development, branding, marketing consultation
  • Cost: $200-$300/hour at a $250,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: Google TV, Dropbox Brand Campaign, Pinterest Business, Nike, Levi’s, Twitter

One of the top web design agencies, Instrument, creates designs that connect audiences with the client’s brand communication, product, and services.

Instrument has interdisciplinary teams of strategists, web designers, and engineers. This helps guarantee excellent web designs that are data-driven and user-centric.

One of Instrument’s notable website design projects is Levi’s. Starting from establishing the brand vision, the agency then recreated the in-store experience by strategically using a minimalist design with a brand-specific color palette and iconography.

A glance of Levi's website, a web design project handled by Instrument

Within a few days of implementation, Levi’s achieved positive results – a 7% increase in its conversion rate and 20% in its product views.

Beyond web design, this agency packs UI/UX design, application development, and AR/VR installation services. It also provides marketing-related solutions like branding, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and copywriting, making it an all-in-one partner for your projects.


2. Digital Silk

The homepage of Digital Silk, a full-service creative digital agency

Digital Silk stats:

  • Best for: B2B companies, corporations, service providers
  • Services offered: branding and digital strategy, web design, app development, marketing campaigns, custom software development, full-service eCommerce development, B2B lead generation
  • Cost: $100-$149/hour at a $10,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: Xerox, HP, IBM, WeCare, Impendi Analytics, Do Forms

Digital Silk is among the best web design agencies offering an all-in-one service for any business type and size. It’s also an award-winning professional web design company, further reinforcing its industry expertise.

The Digital Silk expert team members use a results-driven proactive approach and streamlined execution to achieve their clients’ goals. A good example of this is the team’s Impendi Analytics web design project.

The client, astrategic sourcing firm, wanted to improve its website UI/UX and search engine optimization to reshape its brand communication, drive more qualified leads, and attract potential clients.

Based on these objectives, Digital Silk studied Impendi Analytics’ current website performance reports and metrics, conducted competitor analysis, and decided on the best features to accommodate the site’s needs. Only then did Digital Silk start developing wireframes and designs.

A glance into some of the Impendi Analytics web pages, one of Digital Silk's web design projects

Within two weeks after deployment, Impendi Analytics drove a 114.5% increase in page views and 81.09% in unique visitors. The new website design has also reduced the bounce rate by 23.71%.


3. RNO1

RNO1, a design and digital branding agency, homepage

RNO1 stats:

  • Best for: eCommerce businesses, agencies, web3 brands
  • Services offered: custom web development, UI/UX design, VR/AR, brand strategies, digital marketing strategies
  • Cost: $201-$300/hour
  • Clients: Microsoft, Airbnb, Disney, Casper, Acorns, Ericsson

RNO1 is one of the top web design agencies offering a wide range of services. This agency categorizes its services into Branding & Identity, Websites & Digital Platforms, Web3 Experience Design, eCommerce Experiences, and AR/VR Environments.

Each of the categories come with other sub-services. For example, Websites & Digital Platforms offers UI/UX design, web development, and search engine optimization deliverables. The eCommerce Experiences category packs industry research, consumer analysis, web design, and marketing services.

This web design agency encourages businesses to be purpose-driven. Hence, brands and companies can perform better in attracting target audiences, converting leads into paying customers and retaining existing buyers.

Loliware’s eCommerce store is one of the most successful RNO1 projects. The web design agency worked on the store’s UI/UX design, prototyping, digital strategy, creative direction, and CMS development.

Loliware's homepage displayed on the RNO1's portfolio page

Aired on Shark Tank, Loliware got funded and reached more than one million unique website visits.


4. eDesign Interactive

The homepage of eDesign Interactive, an award-winning website design agency

eDesign Interactive stats:

  • Best for: service companies, nonprofit organizations, larger enterprises
  • Services offered: web design, brand identity, digital strategy, motion graphics
  • Cost: $150-$199/hour at a $75,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: GSK, TDF, Welch’s, Exeron, Britanica Quality Language Teaching

eDesign Interactive is a full-service, award-winning web agency. Like RNO1, this company categorizes its services into smaller groups – Web Design, Brand Identity, Digital Marketing, and Motion Graphics.

The company can help clients build eCommerce stores, business websites, intranets, and web portals under the Web Design category. It also packs UI/UX design, web development, SEO, and content marketing services.

eDesign Interactive created the product website for Exeron, a power conversion system by IPS. Before the design process started, the web design agency conducted an in-depth technology analysis.

A closer look at Exeron's homepage on eDesign Interactive's portfolio page

To highlight the innovation, the design team opted for a grand web design with animated hand-drawn images. eDesign Interactive also meticulously crafted a product video to tell the Exeron story.


5. FlightPath

The homepage of FlightPath, a New York-based marketing agency

FlightPath stats:

  • Best for: B2B companies, nonprofits, businesses in the F&B and pet solution industries
  • Services offered: digital strategy, customer acquisition, UX design, web design
  • Cost: $150-$199/hour at a $25,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: Zoetis, Goya Foods, ConvaTec, United Nations, Spectrum

FlightPath is among the most long-established strategic digital agencies. Besides web design, the company specializes in helping clients improve their customer acquisition and retention strategies.

As one of the award-winning web design companies, FlightPath knows what it takes to build a website, a landing page, and an app that converts. When it comes to content management systems, FlightPath supports a variety of platforms, including WordPress, Drupal, and Umbraco.

Goya Foods had issues with brand visibility and customer retention when it hired FlightPath. To solve the problems, the website design agency focused on building a bilingual, mobile-friendly site and leveraging social media marketing.

A preview of Goya Food's mobile-responsive website by FlightPath

Goya Foods has gained a 270% increase in website traffic, 345% in organic traffic, 120% in Facebook and Instagram reach, and 132% in social media conversions.


6. Work & Co

the homepage of Work & Co, one of the top web design companies for building responsive websites

Work & Co stats:

  • Best for: B2B companies, eCommerce stores, service providers, nonprofits, venture and startups
  • Services offered: web design, project management, branding strategy, content management system development, DevOps architecture, machine learning
  • Cost: $100-$149/hour at a $5,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: IKEA, Google, Epic Games, Apple, Lyft, Disney, TechCrunch, Etsy, ALDO

Work & Co is a well-versed digital design agency. Apart from providing brand, product, and graphic design services, Work & Co can help clients create a beautiful, user-friendly website. This agency also has a team of programmers to handle development projects. Hence, Work & Co is also well-known as one of the top web development companies.

To ensure excellent work for its clients, Work & Co sets clear KPIs, validates each stage of the web design process, and conducts continuous optimization. The design company dedicates a small team of the best talents to handle clients’ projects from start to completion.

Needing to improve its shopping experience, the Montreal-based ALDO reached out to Work & Co. Besides the eCommerce feature, ALDO wanted to go mobile-first and make the brand more social.

Work & Co started by analyzing ALDO’s user behavior to enable them to create a more strategic project plan. Based on the insights, Work & Co designed and tested the most frequently visited pages, using the category and product landing pages as reference points.

A preview of ALDO's responsive eCommerce website by Work & Co

With the new look, ALDO generated a 20% increase in mobile conversions in the first six months of deployment and a 17% increase in brand perception in the first three months.

In terms of collaborations, the eCommerce store successfully reached 12 major global markets and 800 stores for the digital ecosystem rollout.


7. Narwhal Digital

Narwhal Digital, a creative technology agency, homepage

Narwhal Digital stats:

  • Best for: micro enterprises, small and mid-sized businesses, startups, nonprofits
  • Services offered: web design, brand and product experiences, digital marketing
  • Cost: $150-$199/hour at a $50,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: Coca-Cola, Saltbox, Park Mobile, Georgia Aquarium, S&T Bank

Narwhal Digital is arguably the best website design company for small businesses. Its team of experts strive to create websites that attract the business’s target audience and offer a great digital experience.

Narwhal Digital’s approach is to start with “why.” From there, the award-winning web agency will brainstorm ideas, conduct frequent iterations, and evaluate.

Partnering with Narwhal Digital, Georgia Aquarium successfully solves its website performance issues. Narwhal Digital implemented a new ticketing system to extend the client’s eCommerce functionality. The agency also carefully redesigned the website to improve user engagement.


8. Traina

The homepage of Traina, an independent branding and web design agency

Traina stats:

  • Best for: large corporations, tech companies, online magazines
  • Services offered: branding, web design, web development, graphic design, marketing
  • Cost: $200-$300/hour at a $100,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: Microsoft, Facebook, Legion, Brooklyn Brewery, Stater Bros

Traina is an independent web and graphic design agency specializing in creating designs that connect people to brands. Armed with a crew of experienced web designers, strategists, and developers, Traina helps clients build a unique brand voice.

Traina categorizes its services into three groups – Brand strategy & identity, Websites & interactives, Graphic design & marketing.

The website development process starts with creating a UX strategy. Once done, the Traina team will enter the content strategy phase, implement the UI design, and deploy the development. Post-launch, Traina helps track the site’s performance for a specified period.

Brooklyn Brewery uses Traina’s website development services to better align its site to the brand identity.

A glance of Brooklyn Brewery's homepage on Traina's portfolio page

After a thorough redesign process, the new website successfully highlights Brooklyn Brewery’s brand voice. It also comes with new features enabling visitors to explore the brewery’s flavorful beers and discover its stories.

Within a few months, Brooklyn Brewery saw a significant increase in its conversion rates – approximately more than 118 thousand new users and 349 thousand page views.


9. Top Notch Dezigns

The homepage of Top Notch Dezigns, one of the best award-winning website design companies

Top Notch Dezigns stats:

  • Best for: eCommerce sites, service providers, B2B companies
  • Services offered: brand strategies, web design and development, software development, digital marketing
  • Cost: $150-$199/hour at a $10,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: NY Bagel Co, JVM Photography, Fraser, With Pride HVAC

Top Notch Dezigns, another award-winning web design firm and digital marketing agency, aims to deliver excellent results that exceed the client’s expectations.

To create unique websites that look good across mobile devices, Top Notch Dezigns follows the following steps – Research, Discovery, Design, Content, Development, and Optimization + Launch. Careful planning helps web designers build a website that converts.

NY Bagel Co is one of Top Notch Dezigns’ clients. The bagel company needed help with its site’s responsivity and compatibility issues. For this, the web design agency worked on improving the UI/UX design, custom-developed the website, and helped manage the digital strategy to improve the eCommerce functionality.


10. Ruckus

The homepage of Ruckus, a full-service agency specializing in web design and interactive marketing

Ruckus stats:

  • Best for: businesses of all sizes and industries
  • Services offered: web design, custom web development, branding, marketing
  • Cost: $150-$199/hour at a $25,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: BMW, NYC Ferry, PetValu, Crayola, Inturn, InMocean, Beekman 1802

Ruckus is among the top full-service web design agencies. It offers various services for different industries, from beauty and retail to tech, automotive, medical, venture capital, and financial services.

Apart from web design, Ruckus’ deliverables cover:

  • Software and website development
  • UI/UX design
  • Photo and videography
  • Digital marketing services
  • Social media marketing
  • Branding strategies

A swimsuit manufacturer, InMocean, came to Ruckus for a website revamp. The web design agency created two logos, updated the brand messaging, and developed a new front-end look. As a result, InMocean now has a website that aligns with its values.



The homepage of EIGHT25MEDIA, one of the best web design companies for startups


  • Best for: fast-growing companies of all industries
  • Services offered: web design and redesign, brand messaging and storytelling, marketing, mobile app store optimization
  • Cost: $100-$149/hour at a $75,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: Hyundai, WeWork, Samsung, SoftBack, DOCOMO Digital, The Flex Company

EIGHT25MEDIA is one of the best, award-winning web design agencies – ranked no.2 by Clutch Co. On average, the web design agency helps clients grow their total revenues by 40%, double conversions, reduce bounce rates by 37%, and boost website traffic by 81%.

As of the time of writing, EIGHT25MEDIA has built more than 500 websites. Its services cover web development, mobile app development, and digital marketing strategies.

EIGHT25MEDIA helped The Flex Company create a website hub for its content marketing initiatives. For the design, EIGHT25MEDIA used a consistent color palette with custom iconography to make the platform appealing to its target audience.


12. Sayenko Design

The homepage of Sayenko Design, an award-winning web design company

Sayenko Design stats:

  • Best for: nonprofits, B2B companies, service providers, eCommerce stores
  • Services offered: website design and development, digital strategy, eCommerce store optimization, branding
  • Cost: $150-$199/hour at a $10,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: Defined.ai, Bush Cooking, Seattle Study Club, Raymark Plumbing

Sayenko Design is another award-winning web design company aiming to help businesses accelerate growth through smart design, extensive studies, and forward-thinking strategies.

This company is known for delivering professional services in different industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, consulting, technology, and education.

Teaming up with Sayenko Design, Defined.ai sought to effectively communicate its value proposition, conduct better lead nurturing, and improve its search engine rankings. Here’s what Sayenko Design has already done:

  • Updated the About, Solutions, and Career pages to highlight the Defined.ai value proposition.
  • Improved the lead generation process by implementing a robust AI data catalog and a resource center.
  • Created a content marketing strategy targeting machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and training data keywords.
A glance of Defined.ai's homepage, one of Sayenko Design's web design projects

After launching, Defined.ai received positive results from Sayenko Designs’ deliverables – a 4.5% increase in conversion rates, a 272% increase in search engine rankings, and a 306% increase in organic website traffic.


13. Jordan Crown

The homepage of Jordan Crown, a web design company for civil engineering service providers

Jordan Crown stats:

  • Best for: construction and engineering services, manufacturers, real estate sites
  • Services offered: web design, WordPress development, digital strategy
  • Cost: $150-$199/hour at a $25,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: NAES, The Burnsteads, PeopleFirm, Builders Capital, Scantron

Jordan Crown, one of the top web design companies for civil engineering services, builds websites that help companies grow their customer base and revenue. Its agile team of web developers prioritizes simple designs as they can minimize incompatibility issues, design bugs, and usability flaws.

NAES is an independent energy service provider. It approached Jordan Crown to help with four tasks – boost its online traffic, simplify the content, maintain its competitive values, and increase visitor engagement.

Jordan Crown started by breaking down the NAES website structure. It then created a resource hub and designed the site’s key web pages, including the landing and individual service pages.


14. Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard, a full-service web design agency, homepage

Lounge Lizard stats:

  • Best for: eCommerce stores, service providers, B2B companies in various industries
  • Services offered: web design and maintenance, branding, digital marketing, web and app development
  • Cost: $100-$149/hour at a $25,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: Dylan’s Candy Bar, Peter Max, LOOP-LOC, Reykjavik Cars, Scentsational

Lounge Lizard, armed with passionate Brandtenders and Marketing Mixologists, offers an all-in-one service for website design, development, maintenance, and audit. The award-winning digital agency can also help clients create a robust brand identity and marketing strategy.

Lounge Lizard’s approach consists of four stages – Awareness, Interest, Design, and Action. During the Dylan’s Candy Bar website redesign process, Lounge Lizard started working only after understanding the client’s story and product.

The before and after comparison of Dylan's Candy Bar homepage

With the new design, Dylan’s Candy Bar successfully achieved its objectives. It generated 10 million leads, reached 100% capture of in-store experiences, and increased visitor engagement by 100%.


15. Dotlogics

Dotlogics, a website design and web development company, homepage

Dotlogics stats:

  • Best for: small and mid-sized businesses, B2B companies, eCommerce stores, service providers
  • Services offered: branding and marketing strategies, web design, UI/UX improvements, custom websites, security and compliance
  • Cost: $100-$149/hour at a $25,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: McDonald’s, Unilever, Shopping Bin, Gardenia, PEC Logistics, Reiss Hardware

Dotlogics specializes in adding a touch of personalization to a design. Its agile team of web designers, data-driven brand strategists, and product managers results sophisticated designs that are user-friendly and perform well at each touchpoint.

Regarding web development, Dotlogics works with some of the best content management systems – WordPress, Shopify, and Magento.

One of Dotlogics’ clients, Gardenia, needed help with its website migration and web design.

Dotlogics built a dynamic framework and account infrastructure to ensure seamless collaboration between Gardenia and its clients. Design-wise, the garden networking platform requested a color palette representing the “vibrant green of the plant world.”

A preview of Gardenia's homepage on Dotlogic's portfolio page

Thanks to the robust account infrastructure, Gardenia can store a large amount of data, enabling visitors to learn about various plants and build a virtual garden. Furthermore, Gardenia can aid approximately nine million visitors per year in connecting with gardening vendors and landscape designers.


16. Huemor

The homepage of Huemor, one of the best award-winning web agencies

Huemor stats:

  • Best for: businesses of all sizes across various industries, nonprofits, eCommerce stores
  • Services offered: website redesigns, conversion optimization, ongoing support
  • Cost: $150-$199/hour at a $50,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: Revlon, Special Olympics, United Nations, Centivo, Stone Source, Bettr

Huemor is an excellent award-winning agency for web design and development. To deliver the best service, Huemor creates designs that can showcase a strong web presence and attract potential customers.

Huemor helped BetterCloud with several services, including UI/UX and web design, to give the old website a fresh look and improve its navigation management.

The website design company then conducted a total redesign of the website. The process included several areas, from revamping the homepage and product page to creating the hero animation, menu navigation, and video illustration.

A glance of BetterCloud's web design by Huemor

The new website design has successfully upped BetterCloud’s website performance. It increased the demo sign-ups by 50%, reduced bounce rates by 17%, and boosted average session duration by 49%.


17. Pyxl

The homepage of Pyxl, one of the best full-service digital agencies

Pyxl stats:

  • Best for: local businesses as well as large corporations, eCommerce stores, B2B companies
  • Services offered: UI/UX design, graphic design and animation, eCommerce website development, marketing, brand positioning and strategy
  • Cost: $150-$199/hour at a $25,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: Brownlee, Akima, RazorSync, Fillauer, QTS, Team Health

Pyxl is a digital agency aiming to drive meaningful change and lasting growth for its clients. It uses the consultative approach consisting of four stages – We Listen, We Workshop, We Deliver, and We’re Experienced.

This web design agency has four service categories – Strategy, Design, Engineering, and Marketing. In the Design category, for example, clients can choose from data-informed UX design, wireframing & prototyping, and UI & interaction design services.

Pyxl helped Brownlee develop a new eCommerce website that aligns with the brand identity. The process had two stages. The first was Design, where the Pyxl team crafted the brand attributes, storytelling framework, messaging statement, and visual elements.

A preview of Brownlee's new web design on Pyxl's portfolio page

The second stage was Build, where the web design agency implemented headless infrastructure, optimized the website for search engines, and introduced the Kit pages to boost bundling sales.


18. Propaganda Creative

 Propaganda Creative, one of the best branding, graphic design, and web agencies, homepage

Propaganda Creative stats:

  • Best for: event websites, service providers, retailers, nonprofits, B2B companies, eCommerce businesses
  • Services offered: branding strategy, web development, digital strategy, graphic design, photo and videography
  • Cost: $150/hour at a $10,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: Hoopfest 2022, HDG Architecture, Glacio, Equinox Garden, Kirkpatrick Group

Propaganda Creative is a full-service agency whose team consists of the best web designers, marketers, thinkers, and developers. This award-winning design firm provides a wide range of services, including web design, branding strategy, and social media marketing.

In need of a fresh visual identity and web presence, ice mold company Glacio approached Propaganda Creative. The web design worked towards the goal by reshaping the brand identity, developing an eCommerce feature, implementing social media marketing, and creating video content.

Note that Propaganda Creative only serves some areas in the US, such as Bellevue, Dallas, San Diego, and Vancouver.


19. Mighty Roar

The home page of Mighty Roar, one of the top full-service web design companies

Mighty Roar stats:

  • Best for: eCommerce stores, firms, small and mid-sized businesses across industries
  • Services offered: website design and development, digital marketing, branding strategy, UX research
  • Cost: $150-$199/hour
  • Clients: Ogletree Deakins, OCCU, Daltile, LAKE, Cognition Financial

Mighty Roar is an excellent branding agency that can assist your marketing team. This company performs the consumer decision journey analysis to help gather the bigger picture of what it can improve from your current strategy.

While focusing on branding, Mighty Roar can help clients with website redesign to improve UX. One of the agency’s top web redesign projects is that of Ogletree Deakins, a labor and employment law firm.

Mighty Roar closely collaborated with the client stakeholders throughout the UX wireframe stage to achieve the objective. The agency then aimed for a multilingual, minimalist, and responsive website.

Previews of Ogletree Deakin's website on a desktop computer and mobile devices

Ogletree Deakins saw some dramatic website performance improvements – a 30% increase in organic traffic, 76% in search engine rankings, 1,258% in visits to Insights pages, and 335% in time spent on Insights pages.


20. Duckpin

The homepage of Duckpin, a web, design, and marketing agency

Duckpin stats:

  • Best for: companies and agencies of all sizes
  • Services offered: website design and redesign as well as web development, UX design for apps, digital strategy
  • Cost: undisclosed
  • Clients: Madda Fella, GTK Cyber, SolveUp, The St. James, MK Consulting Engineers

Duckpin offers various services, including branding strategies, search engine optimization, digital marketing, and customized signages. Design-wise, the integrated agency offers UX, packaging, print, web design, and environmental graphic design deliverables.

MK Consulting Engineers hired Duckpin for its website design and web development services. Based on the civil engineering firm’s branding, the digital and marketing agency generates a design that speaks for MK Consulting Engineers’ proficiency.


21. Clay

The homepage of Clay, one of the most popular digital agencies for UI_UX design

Clay stats:

  • Best for: startups, leading brands, large corporations
  • Services offered: UI/UX design and audit, web design, app development, branding strategy, content creation
  • Cost: $200-$300/hour at a $100,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: Slack, Hint, Radius, Google, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Uber, Western Digital

Clay is a digital agency specializing in UI/UX and branding. Its UI/UX deliverables include digital product development, software development, and web design.

As an award-winning web design company, Clay has collaborated with leading brands and big companies, including Slack. With Slack, Clay took care of the website design, development, and motion graphic creations.


22. Kobe Digital

 Kobe Digital, a full service digital and marketing agency, homepage

Kobe Digital stats:

  • Best for: online magazines, eCommerce sites
  • Services offered: website design and development, marketing campaigns, video production
  • Cost: $50-$99/hour at a $1,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: Penske Media Corporation, .dooFup, Leica Camera AG, Non-Stop Watches

Kobe Digital is a well-rounded website design agency. It groups its services into three disciplines – Kobe Design, Kobe Media, and Kobe Studios. Business owners seeking to improve their brand identity, create awesome web design, and custom-develop their platform can partner with Kobe Design.

Continuous improvement is one of Kobe Digital’s core values. It encourages the web design company to conduct constant iteration and testing consistently. Thanks to its professional team of tech and creative workers, Kobe Digital can deliver exceptional work for its clients.

Kobe Digital built a fully-customized site design for Non-Stop Watches. It ensured uniformity throughout the website, from its homepage to the product catalog and gallery.

On top of that, the creative agency incorporated high-resolution product photographs and detailed descriptions to boost conversions. Kobe Digital also simplified the purchasing process to help the client increase its revenue.


23. Huge

The homepage of Huge, a New York-based creative agency

Huge stats:

  • Best for: retails, service companies, food & beverages enterprises, nonprofits
  • Services offered: web design, brand strategy, marketing, CRM and experience innovation, eCommerce store optimization
  • Cost: $50-$99/hour at a $5,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: Google, Verizon, M&M’s, Lego, AIG Life and Retirement, Pantone Color Institute

Huge is a well-established web design agency helping business owners improve their brand experiences. Its deliverables are grouped into three:

  • Experience Transformation (ET) – offers services to optimize your branding strategy and reimagine the customer experience.
  • Technology Realization (TR) – solves your technological challenges and unlocks the full potential of your organization.
  • Growth Creation (GC) – focuses on marketing to help clients attract their audience, generate qualified leads, and retain their existing customers.


24. Radish Lab

The homepage of Radish Lab, a certified B corporation specializing in web design and digital marketing services

Radish Lab stats:

  • Best for: nonprofits, institutions, social impact organizations
  • Services offered: web design, branding services, marketing strategies
  • Cost: $150-$199/hour at a $10,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: Red, American Cancer Society, UNICEF, Sesame Workshop, Climate Kic

Radish Lab is a carbon-neutral, purpose-driven creative agency operating in three areas – Website Design & Development, Branding & Design Services, and Strategy & Campaigns. It aims to help social impact organizations tell their stories and attract target audiences with clear, simple, and engaging designs.

American Cancer Society’s website is one of Radish Lab’s web development projects. The organization needed a companion website for its Tobacco Atlas book, as the written data can overwhelm readers. Hence, the project’s ultimate goal was to provide a more accessible and engaging experience for target readers.

The final result was an easy-to-use, multilingual website with interactive elements and strategic calls to action. On top of that, Radish Lab continuously tracks the Tobacco Atlas website to fix bugs, audit its SEO performance, and tweak the website when needed.


25. 500 Designs

500 Designs, a UI/UX, branding, and digital design agency, homepage

500 Designs stats:

  • Best for: startups and ventures, leading brands, B2B companies
  • Services offered: digital strategy, branding, website design, web development, UI/UX design, graphic design
  • Cost: $100-$149/hour at a $25,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: Cisco, Nike, Google, 3M, Perfectly Tea, KBS, Tara.ai, Humble Dot

500 Designs is an award-winning UI/UX design and branding agency. It combines data, strategic thinking, and creativity to ensure purpose-driven designs.

The three categories of 500 Designs’ services are Design, Branding, and Digital Strategy. Apart from UI/UX, the first category covers packaging, mobile app, graphic, and web design services.

Humble Dot needed a website redesign as it struggled with user acquisition. 500 Designs’ solutions were to use illustration to showcase Humble Dot’s brand value, redesign the product page, and include more insights into the user’s dashboard.


26. The Bureau of Small Projects

The homepage of The Bureau of Small Projects

The Bureau of Small Projects stats:

  • Best for: small to mid-sized businesses, nonprofits, startups
  • Services offered: website design, web development, branding, marketing
  • Cost: $150/hour at a $10,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: Amazon, Dodgers, Gibson, IBM, Gatorade, Warner Bros Games

The Bureau of Small Projects is one of the top web design companies aiming to help small businesses, nonprofits, and startups to excel in their industries. Besides establishing brand strategies and designing websites, it offers marketing, search engine optimization, and CRM services.

If you want to scale your company and highlight its competitive edge, opting for The Bureau of Small Projects can be a good solution. The carbon-negative fashion brand, Sheep Inc., partnered with The Bureau of Small Projects to create custom front-end and back-end.

The agency tailored Sheep Inc.’s homepage by incorporating horizontal scrolling. It also utilized a custom mouse cursor, animated texts, and hand-drawn graphics while maintaining a consistent color palette throughout the panels.

A glance of Sheep Inc. custom website by The Bureau of Small Projects

With the design, sheepinc.com delivers a fast loading speed at 220 milliseconds, reduces page weight by 23%, and minimizes bounce rate by 5.75%.


27. Tiny Frog Technologies

The homepage of Tiny Frog Technologies, a web design agency specializing in WordPress sites

Tiny Frog Technologies stats:

  • Best for: nonprofits, institutions, eCommerce stores, service providers
  • Services offered: web design, WordPress fixes and maintenance, eCommerce optimization, search engine marketing
  • Cost: $100-$149/hour at a $5,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: Total Technology, BRICZ, UCSD Park & Market, Emerson

Tiny Frog Technologies is a web and marketing agency specializing in WordPress design and web development.

Tiny Frog Technologies’ team is made of professionals, from web designers to developers, marketing experts, and client support. The agency offers several services, including WordPress Maintenance, Web Design, eCommerce, and Search Marketing.

Emerson utilized Tiny Frog Technologies’ UX strategy, custom website design, and eCommerce development services. The project’s goal was to increase sales, improve the customer experience, and connect its eCommerce to enterprise resource management.

Considering Emerson’s brand personality, Tiny Frog Technologies’ web designers custom-created the homepage and product pages. The team also took care of iconography and graphic design.


28. Maxburst

Maxburst, a full-service design agency, homepage

Maxburst stats:

  • Best for: institutions, corporations, eCommerce stores, small and mid-sized businesses
  • Services offered: web design and development, branding, search engine and social media marketing
  • Cost: $100-$149/hour
  • Clients: Couristan, Trilogy Lacrosse, Heckscher Museum, Clever Hood, Atlas Travel

Maxburst is one of the top-rated design agencies focusing on custom web design, web development, and digital marketing services. The agency aims to build a sharper brand identity for its clients, improve the clients’ online presence, and help them establish more meaningful customer relationships.

Most of Maxburst’s clients, including Atlas Travel, aspire to build their sites on the latest web technologies and content management system frameworks. The agency also introduces new functionalities and interface designs to their customers’ sites to improve the overall user experience.


29. Zero Negative

Zero Negative, one of the best web design companies, homepage

Zero Negative stats:

  • Best for: small and mid-sized businesses, leading brands, startups
  • Services offered: website design, web development, web apps, and custom platform development
  • Cost: $100-$149/hour at a $10,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: Mercedes-Benz, KFC, Curative Biotech, RecipesNow, Easy Pay

Zero Negative is a boutique agency offering custom web design, branding, prototyping, and content creation services. This website design company strives to fulfill clients’ goals with quality, dedication, flexibility, and creativity.

KFC teamed up with Zero Negative to build a custom website for one of its expansion projects. The fast-food restaurant chain wanted a simple, traditional design with clear navigation. Hence, Zero Negative opted for a minimalist look with a red and white color scheme, highlighting KFC’s brand personality.


Suggested Reading

Learn more about how to design a website and see if you can do it yourself.


Having a fantastic website design is crucial for a great user experience. It creates an excellent first impression and improves the business’s credibility. Modern and purpose-made website design also speaks for the brand personality, helping the company connect with its potential customers.

In this article, we’ve shared 29 web design agencies to collaborate with on your next project. If you’re still not sure which firm to choose, here is our short-list recommendation:

  • Work & Co, Digital Silk, and The Bureau of Small Projects can be perfect for small to medium-sized businesses.
  • FlightPath, Lounge Lizard, and Pyxl are some of the best web design companies for eCommerce stores and B2B firms.
  • Instrument, Narwhal Digital, and Huemor are a bit on the expensive side, fitting larger corporations better.

Apart from web design agencies, freelance web designers are also a decent alternative. Explore freelance marketplaces like Upwork and Behance, and remember to do the math to get the highest possible investment return.

You can also consider becoming a web designer and following the best web design practices if you have spare time.

We hope this article helped you understand what services some of the best web design agencies offer. If you still have any questions or suggestions, leave us a comment below.

Web Design Agency FAQ

In this section, we will look into some of the most frequently asked questions in the website design agency landscape.

What Do Web Design Agencies Offer?

While it varies from one agency to another, UI/UX design, graphic design, animation, photography, videography, and web design services are commonly offered. Most agencies also offer web development, search engine optimization, digital strategy, social media marketing, and branding services. 

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Website for a Small Business?

Often there is a minimum project size requirement, so expect to spend at least $5,000 for a small business web design. Apart from it, business owners should estimate other website-building costs, like hosting at $3-$80/month, a domain name at $10-$20/year, and an SSL certificate at $0-$1,000/year

How to Choose the Best Web Design Agency?

Three factors to consider are the web design agency’s services, the cost, and the minimum project size requirement. That said, you also need to think about your business’s industry. It’s because web design agencies typically have their target market, which may influence the design styles.

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