How to Start an Online Business: 4 Ways to Make Money From Home (Video)

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Want to know how to start an online business? In this tutorial, we’ll share four methods to help you make money from home.

Some of the main benefits of having an online business include working from anywhere and at your own pace, building an international audience, and the ability to make money 24/7.

However, it is also essential to consider your skills and do proper research before starting an online business.

The methods to make money online we’ll discuss are:

  • Teaching and coaching online – share your skills using tutorials or live lessons.
  • Content creation – create content based on your passions.
  • Online store – sell goods or services.
  • Affiliate marketing – earn money by promoting different companies’ products and services.
The author

Gintarė P.

Gintarė is an instructor and Video Content Creator at Hostinger Academy who helps people to create their websites using Zyro. She's also into digital drawing and animation.