Palworld Statistics: An Overview of the Monster-Taming Phenomenon

Palworld is a multiplayer, open-world survival game that’s taking the world by storm. Launched in January 2024, it offers a unique twist on monster-taming games by seamlessly blending survival, crafting, and creature collection mechanics.

This article provides Palworld players with a comprehensive overview of the game’s mechanics, trends, and future plans. If you haven’t started playing Palworld yet, continue reading to find out if this game is right for you.

Top 10 Palworld Stats You Should Know

  1. Palworld sold eight million copies in six days.
  2. Palworld’s all-time peak exceeded 2.1 million concurrent players.
  3. Over 19 million people have played Palworld.
  4. Palworld cost over $6.75 million to make.
  5. The Palworld searches peaked in popularity eight days after launch.
  6. Palworld runs on approximately 900 servers.
  7. Over 270,500 private Palworld servers exist.
  8. Palworld features 138 Pals.
  9. There are over 400 Palworld mods in Nexus Mods.
  10. Palworld has released seven patch notes since launch.

Now, let’s go over Palworld’s gameplay statistics and how it differs from other popular games in the same genre.

General Palworld Statistics

Pocket Pair, a Japanese indie studio, launched Palworld’s early access on January 19, 2024. Since then, the game has quickly reached a remarkable sales and player count milestone. Let’s dive deeper into Palworld’s stats to see its impact on the gaming scene.

1. Palworld Sold Eight Million Copies in Six Days

Palworld global unit sales

Pocket Pair announced that the game has sold around eight million copies since its release. Early Access was available on PC via Steam and Microsoft Store, as well as on Xbox consoles via Game Pass for $29.99.

The initial sales figures were equally impressive, surpassing $2 million on the first day. Around one million copies were sold in the first eight hours, averaging 125,000 copies per hour.

2. Palworld’s All-Time Peak Exceeded 2.1 Million Concurrent Players

As of February 2024, Palworld reached the second-highest all-time peak concurrent player count on Steam, trailing only behind PUBG: Battlegrounds. It dethroned Counter-Strike 2 by a 300,000-player gap after being in second place for nine months.

Moreover, Palworld set a record in the 24-hour peak concurrent player count. With a million players, this game outperformed Counter-Strike 2 by a gap of 23,000 players.

3. Over 19 Million People Have Played Palworld

On February 1, 2024, Pocket Pair announced via X (former Twitter) that Palworld had gained over 19 million players in under two weeks since its release date. This figure included 12 million on Steam and seven million on Xbox.

The Game Pass certification process on Xbox, which can cause update delays, leads to gameplay differences between the two platforms. For instance, Steam players can craft items much faster and rename their creature companions, known as Pals.

4. Palworld Cost Over $6 Million to Make

Pocket Pair’s CEO, Takuro Mizobe, disclosed that Palworld cost around ¥1 billion or $6.75 million and took about three years to develop.

Despite the initial budget, the budget cap was removed when it missed the one-year launch timeline. The team of 10 employees expanded to 40, and the studio outsourced some tasks to prepare the game for early access.

5. The Palworld Searches Peaked in Popularity Eight Days After Launch

Palworld's search volume over time

Palworld’s launch week saw a significant surge in online searches, as shown by the Google Trends data. Searches for the keyword ‘Palworld’ increased from 382,000 on January 19 to a peak of 1.1 million on January 27, indicating a steady rise in public interest.

According to Techwire Asia, this statistic represents a significant 708% increase in search volume, signaling growing curiosity and excitement around the game’s debut.

Palworld Gameplay Statistics

Check out these top statistics about Palworld’s gameplay for an improved gaming experience.

6. Palworld Runs on Approximately 900 Servers

Players who want to go solo or don’t want to set up a Palworld server can launch the game on its public server. Pocket Pair invested around ¥70 million or $478,000 to cover hosting fees for about 900 servers.

However, the co-op mode only supports up to four players. You need to host Palworld on a dedicated server to play with up to 32 players.

7. Over 270,500 Private Palworld Servers Exist

Highest Palworld server counts by country

As a self-hosted game, Palworld allows users to create dedicated servers for multiplayer gameplay and mods. Numerous Palworld server hosting providers offer affordable plans to accommodate the game’s growing demand for a customized gaming experience.

Consequently, BattleMetrics has recorded between 240,000 and 270,500 dedicated Palworld servers since launch. The U.S. leads with nearly 90,000 servers, followed by Germany with 48,000 and China with 34,000 servers.

Similarly, the U.S. also ranks first in player count, with close to 22,000 players on public servers. China comes second with around 10,800 players, followed by Germany with 5,400 players.

8. Palworld Features 138 Pals

In Palworld, players can capture, befriend, and command creatures called Pals. These Pals are essential for battles, crafting, building, and exploration tasks for playing the game.

There are 138 Pals in total, including rare types obtained through breeding. Each Pal type usually has one strength and one weakness, except dual-types. For instance, Fire Pals are strong against Ice and Grass but weak against Water. So, choosing the right Pals is crucial for battles.

9. There are Over 400 Palworld Mods in Nexus Mods

Nexus Mods, one of the largest gaming modification sites, currently hosts 418 Palworld mods. Within the debut week, the Palworld community has created 200 mods for the game.

Each modification adds new elements to Palworld’s environment or alters the gameplay mechanics, allowing players to customize their gaming experience and extend the game’s lifespan.

Some mods aim to enhance the original game’s accessibility and overcome its limitations. For example, Enhanced Palworld Visuals disables some post-processing effects to produce sharper, more visible visuals.

10. Palworld Has Released Seven Patch Notes Since Launch

With millions of users playing Palworld, Pocket Pair works hard to constantly improve and update the game. In the seven patch notes released since its launch, players have seen bug fixes, quality-of-life changes, and new content.

At the time of writing this article, the latest patch note (v0.1.4.0) was released on January 31, 2024 on Steam. It addressed game stability, added key configuration support, and improved Pals’ behaviors in the base.

Palworld Future Plans

Palworld is set for exciting updates, including PvP combat and challenging raid bosses for high-level play. The Pal Arena will introduce strategic creature battles, while Steam-Xbox crossplay will broaden the player community.

Upcoming enhancements include Xbox feature improvements, server transfers, and a refined building system. Pocket Pair is also planning to release new content like islands, Pals, and technologies as part of its early access roadmap.

The studio announced that the game will be available for early access for at least a year. They may extend it or release the game officially based on development progress and satisfaction with its current state.



Palworld made a loud buzz in the gaming community with its immersive gameplay, beautiful graphics, and exciting multiplayer experience.

With Palworld hosting services, you can take your gaming experience even further by inviting friends and adjusting various elements, like day and night cycles or your Pals’ strength.  

This article has provided various statistics and insights into Palworld and its gameplay mechanics. We hope this information offers a deeper understanding of the game and its promising future. Happy adventuring!

Palworld Statistics FAQ

This section answers common questions about Palworld statistics and mechanics.

How Many Players Can You Team Up With in Palworld?

The online co-op allows four players to play together. Alternatively, you can team up with 32 players on a dedicated server.

Does Palworld Have Dedicated Servers?

Yes, you can set up a dedicated server on Palworld using the Steam version of the game. Please note that this is not possible on Xbox.

When Did Palworld Release in Early Access?

Palworld launched in early access on January 19, 2024.

What Platforms Is Palworld Currently Available On?

Palworld is available on PC via Steam and Microsoft Store, as well as on Xbox consoles via Game Pass. In addition, you can play the game on your own server.

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