CSS Cheat Sheet – The Complete PDF for Beginners and Professionals

CSS Cheat Sheet – The Complete PDF for Beginners and Professionals

CSS is a website design language that you can use to add background, colors, and even transitions or other interactive elements. It will also assist you in developing an SEO-friendly, lightweight, and responsive website.

However, it may be difficult to become acquainted with various CSS values, especially if you are new to the language.

To assist you, we’ve created a comprehensive CSS Cheat Sheet that will be useful for all of your web development projects. Furthermore, there are 13 pages of CSS and CSS3 declarations, as well as several possible properties.

Let’s get started. 

CSS Basics

Cascading Style Sheet or CSS is a stylesheet language that dictates how your website elements should look like. You can control the design, layout, font, and color of your website content by embedding a CSS file into your HTML document.

Let’s take a look at how CSS works by breaking down the syntax:

selector {declaration}

The declaration can be broken down into:

selector {property: value;}

As you can see, the CSS syntax consists of a selector and a declaration block. The selector is the HTML element that you’re about to control. Whereas the declaration block contains the property name and the value of the HTML element – both of them are separated by a colon (:) and declared within curly brackets ({}).

Let’s say you want the font size of your heading one (h1) to be 20 pixels. Your syntax should look like this:

h1 {font-size: 20px;}

In this case, the selector is h1. Then, font-size is the property name, and 20px is the value.

Since CSS has so many selectors and declarations that might be hard to remember, we’ve put together a complete CSS and CSS3 Cheat Sheet to help you master the language.

Once you’ve downloaded the CSS Cheat Sheet, save the file to your device or print one out. This way, you’ll easily find what you’re looking for.

Download the Full CSS Cheat Sheet here:

Download CSS Cheat Sheet in .pdf

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Preview of CSS Cheat Sheet 

Here’s a sneak peek of the most common CSS values and properties taken from our PDF!

CSS cheat sheet for border, box model, and transitions.
Cheat sheet for box model, font, and colors configurations.
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