30 Corporate Website Design Ideas to Gather Inspiration + Tips

30 Corporate Website Design Ideas to Gather Inspiration + Tips

A successful corporate website acts as the digital face of your business, allowing your brand to connect with your target audience. Whether you’re an established company or a fresh startup, your corporate website design should reflect your business values and cater to your customers.

In this article, we will showcase some of the best corporate website designs to inspire you, regardless of whether you want to launch your very first corporate website or plan a website redesign. We will also explain how to design the perfect business website, emphasizing user-friendliness and aesthetic appeal.

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30 Best Corporate Website Design Examples

Having a corporate website is a crucial aspect of running a business, as it allows your brand to reach out to potential clients globally, provide them with all necessary information, and even facilitate sales.

Before you create your own website design, take a look at some of the best corporate website designs and how they incorporate their brand into the web design.

1. RSNL Creative

RSNL Creative landing page

If you’re looking for an interactive web design to draw inspiration from, consider taking a page out of RSNL Creative’s book.

RSNL Creative’s custom corporate website design combines aesthetics with simplicity. With clean black and white color schemes, the homepage introduces the agency with a catchy tagline and an immediate call-to-action, establishing a connection with potential customers from the start. Scrolling further, visitors are met with examples of the agency’s work in a visually striking yet easy-to-navigate manner.

2. doup.

doup landing page

Doup’s corporate website brings an innovative and modern feel that reflects its creative business model. The homepage welcomes visitors with a minimalistic design, a direct headline, and a clear call-to-action button, inviting users to start exploring their product offerings immediately.

Further down, Doup effectively uses graphics and brief text to provide an overview of their process, creating an engaging and easy-to-understand user experience. The site’s intuitive design and use of whitespace give it a fresh and modern look, perfect for attracting its target audience. The footer features all necessary company information, links to policy pages, and social media buttons.

3. Adobe

Adobe landing page

Adobe’s corporate website presents a clean and minimalist design, predominantly using its brand colors of red, white, and black. The homepage welcomes browsers with a full-screen video montage showcasing Adobe’s product applications in various creative fields. The navigation is simple and intuitive, with a dropdown menu for products, solutions, learning, and support.

As corporate websites go, Adobe has an extensive footer with easy access to product details, resources, Adobe’s various initiatives, and company information. This website design reflects Adobe’s overall position as a leader in the creative industry and displays the brand’s innovative edge in its design.

4. Apple

Apple landing page

Apple’s corporate website echoes the aesthetics of its products – the web design is minimalist, elegant, and intuitive. The homepage primarily showcases the brand’s products with stunning visuals and minimal text, drawing visitors into the Apple ecosystem.

The website’s navigation is intuitively designed, with a static top menu that simplifies access to the company’s extensive product lineup.

5. Microsoft

Microsoft landing page

Microsoft’s corporate website embraces a modern and clean web design. The site is clean, with a well-structured layout using the company’s traditional color scheme of blues, whites, and grays. The homepage has various sections, from the latest products and updates to stories about the company’s impact.

The website features a comprehensive mega menu that neatly categorizes Microsoft’s wide range of products and services. The various niche sections in the footer bring together the other aspects of Microsoft’s ecosystem, like its philanthropy efforts and partner programs.

6. Google

Google landing page

Google’s company website design is the epitome of simplicity and functionality. The homepage features the iconic Google search bar with a minimalist white background. The links to Google’s various applications, account settings, and privacy settings are tucked into the corners of the page, promoting a clutter-free experience.

Google’s Doodles, frequently updated and customized to celebrate various global events and anniversaries, add a creative touch to the UX design. The “Apps” grid on the top right corner offers easy access to Google’s other products in a neat dropdown menu.

7. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola landing page

Coca-Cola’s website design embodies the brand’s vibrant, youthful, and dynamic persona. The homepage showcases a carousel of customer stories and product updates, and website graphics are infused with Coca-Cola’s red-and-white color scheme.

The website has an immersive “Coke Studio” section that provides detailed information about various Coca-Cola music-related giveaways and competitions globally. The website also highlights the company’s commitment to sustainability and community engagement, reflecting the company’s brand values.

8. Amazon

Amazon landing page

Amazon’s corporate website design is a powerful example of an intuitive and functional eCommerce site. Product listings, personalized recommendations, and various deals dominate the homepage. The website has an intuitive navigation bar categorizing millions of products.

The website utilizes advanced algorithms to display customized content based on clients’ past browsing and purchasing behavior. This creates a personalized shopping experience for every person.

9. Tesla

Tesla landing page

Tesla’s corporate website design is sleek, futuristic, and visually impressive, much like the products the company offers. The homepage showcases stunning visuals of Tesla’s electric vehicles, coupled with links to custom order forms and product pages.

The website design underscores Tesla’s commitment to innovation. The minimal text, high-quality images, and videos keep users focused on the vehicles. Plus, the website has a unique custom design experience where people can customize their Tesla vehicles themselves.

10. IBM

IBM landing page

IBM’s minimalist corporate website design is a good example of a professional and clean website layout geared toward a B2B audience. The homepage focuses on IBM’s solutions and services, with sections dedicated to case studies, research, insights, and product information.

A distinctive aspect of the site is the “Inside IBM” section, where IBM shares thought leadership pieces, stories, and innovations. The comprehensive dropdown menus organize all the available services, solutions, industries, and resources, aiding easy navigation.

11. Facebook

Facebook landing page

As corporate websites go, Facebook’s website branding plays with familiarity, down to the shades of blue and grey and the typography used. The simple homepage focuses on getting you to either log in or sign up, with a simple tagline describing the website’s main purpose to the target audience.

The footer focuses on Facebook’s suite of apps and services, data policy, community standards, and transparency report, highlighting its commitment to user safety and privacy.

12. Pfizer

Pfizer landing page

Pfizer’s web design focuses on a clean and professional look that conveys the organization’s role as a global pharmaceutical leader. The website is designed with a blue and white color scheme, and the homepage includes news updates, investor information, and various health topics.

The ” Science” section showcases Pfizer’s research and development efforts, highlighting its commitment to healthcare innovation. The website also has abundant resources and information, with web page sections dedicated to patients, healthcare professionals, and investors.

13. Airbnb

Airbnb landing page

Airbnb’s website is reminiscent of a hotel booking platform. The brand’s friendly and inviting design reflects its mission of helping people feel at home anywhere in the world. From choosing the duration of your stay to browsing some of the shortlisted holiday destinations, Airbnb’s web design is intuitive and calls the users to take action as soon as they land on the page.

The sticky footer helps to navigate to other sections of the website. It also makes it easier to toggle preferred currency, language, and support options.

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14. Starbucks

Starbucks landing page

Starbucks’ corporate website immerses visitors in the company’s cozy, coffee-centric universe. The homepage displays an image gallery of the brand’s products and promotions against a backdrop of seasonal colors.

The “Menu” section allows users to explore Starbucks’ products with detailed descriptions and nutritional information. The site also prominently features the rewards program, enticing the target audience to sign up for perks.

15. Nike

Nike landing page

Nike’s corporate website design is clean, dynamic, and inspiring, representing the brand’s sporty spirit. The homepage spotlights new product releases, campaigns, and stories in a visually appealing grid.

Nike’s website is designed with a strong emphasis on high-quality visuals and inspiring narratives. The collapsible top menu provides easy access for sneaker enthusiasts to discover and buy the latest releases, reflecting Nike’s commitment to customer engagement.

16. General Electric

GE landing page

As corporate website designs go, General Electric’s (GE) web design reflects the company’s diverse business portfolio. The homepage presents a clean, scrollable composition featuring GE’s primary business units, focusing on innovation and technology.

The “Our Businesses” section brings to light GE’s technological advancements and solutions across industries. The web page also demonstrates GE’s commitment to sustainability through dedicated sections on the company’s environmental impact and sustainability goals.

17. Walmart

Walmart landing page

Walmart’s corporate website is designed to be shopper-friendly and magazine-like, reflecting Walmart’s commitment to affordability and convenience. The homepage highlights a wide range of products, promotional deals, and services offered in-store and online.

Walmart’s website also prominently features an intuitive search function, product recommendations, and customer reviews for a comprehensive shopping experience. The “How do you want your items?” feature on the homepage emphasizes the company’s commitment to customer convenience.

18. Visa

Visa landing page

Visa’s corporate website design has a professional, trustworthy aura in line with the brand’s role as a global financial services provider. The homepage presents an organized display of the top services, the latest news, insights, and company initiatives.

The “Everyone” menu item showcases stories about Visa’s worldwide impact. The site also features a dedicated section for innovators and developers, providing access to APIs and other developer tools, highlighting Visa’s focus on technological integration.

19. Johnson & Johnson

J&J landing page

Johnson & Johnson’s corporate website design strikes a balance between its consumer health, medical devices, and pharmaceutical sectors. The homepage highlights the company’s news updates, innovations, and social commitments.

The website’s “Personal Stories” section shares a wide range of stories about people, healthcare innovations, and global initiatives that underscore the company’s mission to improve health for everyone, everywhere.

20. McDonald’s

McDonalds landing page

McDonald’s corporate website is colorful, lively, and consumer-friendly, reflecting the brand’s fun and familiar image. The homepage introduces the latest promotions, menu items, and company news to the target customers at a glance.

The “Our Menu” section lets people explore McDonald’s wide range of offerings, while the “About Our Food” section reaffirms the brand’s commitment to quality ingredients and transparency.

21. BMW

BMW landing page

BMW’s professional corporate website design focuses on a visual journey into the world of luxury vehicles. The website places the brand’s range of cars, motorcycles, and innovative technologies into the spotlight.

The website includes a virtual showroom that allows you to explore different models and their specifications. The various top menu sections shed light on BMW’s advancements and vision for future mobility.

22. LinkedIn

LinkedIn landing page

LinkedIn’s corporate web design is clean, modern, and focused on user experience. Plenty of white space helps to guide the attention to the visual elements on the page. The website also includes a comprehensive “Learning” section providing users with educational and career advancement resources.

23. Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs landing page

Goldman Sachs’ website architecture focuses on showcasing its financial services, insights, and global impact with a clean, professional web design. This underscores the brand’s commitment to client service, innovation, and integrity.

The site prominently features its “Careers” section with detailed information for potential employees, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to attracting top talent.

24. Dropbox

Dropbox landing page

Dropbox’s corporate website is based on a design that is modern, colorful, and user-centric, reflecting the brand’s emphasis on making life easier for its users. Like all the best corporate websites, the homepage presents Dropbox’s range of services and solutions in an easy-to-understand way.

25. Uber

Uber landing page

Uber’s corporate website design is both modern and interactive, focusing on whitespace, images, and short and snappy text. The website provides comprehensive information about the company’s ride-hailing, food delivery, and freight services.

The “Newsroom” section features articles and updates about Uber’s initiatives and impact. The website also includes detailed resources for riders, drivers, and delivery partners, indicating Uber’s focus on serving all stakeholders.

26. Canon

Canon landing page

As top corporate websites go, Canon’s business website is sleek and professional, showcasing its vast range of imaging products and solutions. The website reflects Canon’s commitment to innovation and quality.

The main menu is simple and divided into various sections representing the different departments. This helps Canon ensure that the website wireframe is well-organized and logical to navigate through.

27. Shell

Shell landing page

Shell’s corporate website is a great example of a clean, professional, and straightforward web design. The homepage provides comprehensive information about the brand’s energy solutions and innovation efforts, reflecting the company’s commitment to a sustainable future.

The website’s “Energy and Innovation” section showcases Shell’s initiatives toward sustainable energy solutions. Additionally, the site provides extensive resources for investors, job seekers, and media.

28. Intel

Intel landing page

Intel’s corporate web design is modern and clean, with blues and whites dominating the pages. The website provides in-depth information on the brand’s products, solutions, and advancements in computing technology.

The “Solutions” section allows you to explore Intel’s innovation in areas like AI, cloud computing, and autonomous driving. The “Developers” section, on the other hand, provides tools and comprehensive support resources for web developers and web designers.

29. Unilever

Unilever landing page

Unilever’s corporate website showcases the company’s broad portfolio of brands, as well as its commitment to sustainability. The web design is clean and intuitive, reflecting Unilever’s vision of making sustainable living commonplace.

The homepage’s hero section is dominated by a rotating gallery featuring the top promotions and selling points of the organization. The rest of the page focuses on giving readers all the relevant information on stock prices and other business metrics.

30. Netflix

Netflix landing page

Netflix’s corporate website is sleek and minimalistic, reminiscent of a cinema screen. The design elements and color palette used on the homepage reflect the company’s in-app experience, creating a sense of familiarity for the visitor.

The footer includes more links to press releases, company news, and content assets. The “Jobs” section provides an inside look at Netflix’s unique culture and lists current job openings, inviting potential applicants to join the team.

Tips for Designing a Corporate Website

If your website doesn’t adequately reflect your branding or fails to provide a user-centric experience, it can negatively impact your business. Make sure you create a successful corporate website by following these top tips:

Choose the Right Hosting for Your Business Needs

Selecting the right hosting for a corporate website for your business website’s success, ensuring reliability, speed, security, and scalability. Consider these key factors when selecting a provider:

  • Reliability and Uptime: Opt for a hosting provider that guarantees high uptime. Downtime can significantly affect your business, leading to lost sales and diminished customer trust. For small businesses, finding a reliable host is crucial.
  • Speed and Performance: A fast-loading website enhances user experience and positively affects SEO rankings. To understand the impact of performance on user experience, consider reading about website builder vs custom website options.
  • Security Measures: With the rising threats of cyber attacks, your hosting provider should offer advanced security features. Learn more about other essential features and factors to consider before choosing a web host.
  • Scalability: Your hosting plan should be easily scalable to accommodate growth without sacrificing performance; for this, you should select the appropriate platform, such as the best website builder for small businesses.
  • Customer Support: Choose a provider that offers 24/7 support. Most of the best website builders stand out with their top-notch customer service, and they are ready to fix issues in no time.

Incorporate Your Brand Into the Design

Your corporate website is a crucial extension of your brand. Every design aspect, from color scheme to typography, should mirror the identity of the brand you built. For instance, the corporate website designs of tech companies are often modern and sleek.

Use Professional Color Schemes

Choosing the right website color scheme is essential, as colors can stir emotions and should match your brand message. For example, the color blue often signifies trust and stability, making it a popular choice for financial institutions.

Make Sure Your Website Is Customer Oriented

Ensure your site is user-friendly with easy navigation, clear CTAs, and responsive design. It’s also vital to populate your website with engaging, informative content relevant to your clients. The easiest way to make all of this happen is using a builder like Hostinger or a drag-and-drop plugin on WordPress.

Consistent Design Across All Pages

Consistency is key. All pages should feature uniform colors, typography, and design elements to provide a seamless user experience and reinforce brand recognition. With these considerations, your corporate website design will be a strong business tool. If you use WordPress as your website creation tool, consider using WordPress website design companies‘ services to help you.


Making your site SEO-friendly drives organic traffic to your website and boosts visibility, setting you apart from competitors. Search engine optimization involves having proper heading structure, optimized images, fast-loading and keyword-optimized content, and well-structured URLs. Make sure your web hosting provider has speed-optimized hosting plans so your corporate website loads as fast as possible.


Designing a corporate website that is user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and in line with your brand’s values can be the key to attracting and retaining your target audience. Well-constructed corporate website designs not only increase your site’s visibility but also build trust among your visitors, converting them into loyal customers.

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