Most Visited Websites Globally – Mapping the Digital Giants [2024 Update]

Most Visited Websites Globally – Mapping the Digital Giants [2024 Update]

The internet is now a staple in over two-thirds of the global population’s lives. With major global events constantly affecting search trends and online behaviors, how should businesses ensure they reach the right people at the right time?

Whether it’s adapting to the latest search engine algorithms or evolving digital trends, our goal at Hostinger is to ensure your website remains relevant and impactful, no matter what’s trending.

In this article, we’ll help you understand the significance of web traffic trends in different parts of the globe. By delving into the most visited websites and search trends country by country, you can ensure that your website piques the interest of your target audience and region.

Most Visited Websites in the World – Key Findings

The most visited websites globally offer great insights into how we spend our time online. Here’s a brief overview of our most significant findings:

  • Global giants remain at the top. Google remains the most visited website in the world. Generally speaking, search engines and social media platforms like Facebook continue to dominate globally, but there’s a noticeable rise in the popularity of streaming and eCommerce sites – YouTube, for example, has over 32 billion visits every month.
  • Shift towards online streaming. Top websites like YouTube and emerging platforms like in the U.S. highlight a significant shift from traditional TV to online streaming.
  • eCommerce gains ground. Amazon’s strong presence across dozens of countries underscores the growing preference for online shopping, offering convenience and a wide range of products. In fact, people spend only over 7 minutes on the eCommerce site during an average visit.
  • Local news sources matter. In countries like the UK and Germany, local news websites like and rank within the top 10 most visited websites, showing the importance of region-specific news.
  • Social media’s dual role. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are not just for socializing but also serve as key tools for professional networking, especially in countries like France and India.

Top 50 Most Visited Websites in the World

Exploring the most popular websites in the world gives us a clear picture of what’s trending and where people spend their time online.

RankWebsiteCategoryAvg. Visit DurationMonthly Visits
1google.comSearch Engines00:10:5287.04B
2youtube.comStreaming & Online TV00:19:5132.72B
3facebook.comSocial Media00:10:3516.71B
4instagram.comSocial Media00:08:136.67B
5twitter.comSocial Media00:10:526.14B
6baidu.comSearch Engines00:04:444.92B
7wikipedia.orgDictionaries and Encyclopedias00:03:554.54B
8yahoo.comNews & Media Publishers00:09:093.58B
9yandex.ruSearch Engines00:09:093.30B
10whatsapp.comSocial Media00:19:573.07B
11amazon.comeCommerce & Shopping – Marketplace00:07:112.44B
12tiktok.comSocial Media00:03:372.25B
13live.comEmail00:08:082.02B & Media Publishers00:09:072.01B
15reddit.comSocial Media00:08:161.89B
17linkedin.comSocial Media00:07:351.81B
18openai.comComputers Electronics and Technology – Other00:05:121.72B
19office.comProgramming and Developer Software00:09:591.65B
20netflix.comStreaming & Online TV00:05:391.44B
21dzen.ruCommunity and Society – Other00:09:201.41B
22microsoftonline.comProgramming and Developer Software00:02:061.35B
23bing.comSearch Engines00:07:081.31B
24bilibili.comAnimation and Comics00:20:181.29B
26samsung.comConsumer Electronics00:02:361.22B
27vk.comSocial Media00:12:031.20B
28naver.comNews & Media Publishers00:15:461.19B
29pinterest.comSocial Media00:05:471.15B
30microsoft.comProgramming and Developer Software00:04:061.08B
31discord.comSocial Media00:06:371.05B
33max.comStreaming & Online TV00:06:031.02B
34turbopages.orgNews & Media Publishers00:01:23978M
35zoom.usComputers Electronics and Technology – Other00:03:35881M
36duckduckgo.comSearch Engines00:08:44811M
37qq.comNews & Media Publishers00:03:20809M
38quora.comDictionaries and Encyclopedias00:02:40788M
39sharepoint.comComputers Electronics and Technology – Other00:07:04774M
40globo.comNews & Media Publishers00:04:14740M
41cricbuzz.comFantasy Sports00:08:46729M
42t.meComputers Electronics and Technology – Other00:03:17711M
43fandom.comArts & Entertainment – Other00:05:03710M
44cnn.comNews & Media Publishers00:03:03707M
45roblox.comVideo Games Consoles and Accessories00:13:29707M
46ebay.comeCommerce & Shopping – Marketplace00:06:53673M
47msn.comNews & Media Publishers00:05:27666M & Media Publishers00:06:21643M
49nytimes.comNews & Media Publishers00:03:36642M & Media Publishers00:05:03595M

Top 5 Most Visited Websites

Year over year Google trend graph for the most visited websites

1. Google

Global monthly visits: 87.04B

Google’s dominance can be attributed to its vast and efficient search capabilities, offering quick and relevant results to practically any search query. Beyond traditional searching, Google has other valuable tools like Maps, News, and specialized searches, including image and academic categories, further enhancing the overall user experience.

With users spending an average of 10 minutes per visit, it’s clear they find what they need and more. Google’s unchallenged position as the top search engine over the past five years reflects its reliability and the trust it has earned from users.

2. Youtube

Global monthly visits: 32.72B

YouTube’s wide appeal lies in its extensive range of videos, serving up everything from educational material to pure entertainment. Besides watching videos, the site attracts creators who want to share their work.

People typically spend around 20 minutes per visit, which shows how it’s become a big part of our digital entertainment life. Over the years, especially since 2019, YouTube has seen a steady rise in both the number of videos uploaded and the viewers tuning in, cementing its role in online streaming.

3. Facebook

Global monthly visits: 16.71B

Facebook stands out for its array of features like the news feed, groups, and marketplace, making it more than just a social network. It’s a place where billions of users connect and communities come to life.

With users spending over 10 minutes per visit, Facebook shows strong engagement. Even with the rise of new social networks, it’s kept its large audience over the last five years, introducing features like Facebook Watch and better privacy settings to stay fresh and relevant.

4. Instagram

Global monthly visits: 6.674B

Instagram is all about visual storytelling, perfect for sharing photos and videos. With its Stories, Reels, and IGTV, there’s something for every kind of visual content lover. An average visit of over 8 minutes is impressive for a mobile-first platform.

From 2019 to 2023, Instagram has not just grown but transformed. It’s not just for photo-sharing anymore – it’s a full-blown social media and marketing powerhouse, especially popular with the younger generations.

5. X (Formerly Twitter)

Global monthly visits: 6.141B

X is famous for its real-time updates, making it the hub for news, entertainment, and conversations. Thanks to its character limit, the communication is snappy and on point.

Users spend more than 10 minutes on average per visit, showing how integral it is for continuous information sharing. Between 2019 and 2023, X has consistently grown in user engagement, becoming a must-be platform for public figures and during major global events.

Honorable Mention: OpenAI

Global monthly visits: 1.721B’s skyrocketing popularity is a clear sign of the world’s fascination with AI.

In just a year, it has become one of the top sites with 1.514 billion visits, marking a 19.7% jump in monthly visits.

This surge in traffic reflects OpenAI’s significant position in the digital world. The site is now ranking in the 21st position globally, 54th in the United States, and 1st in the Computers, Electronics, and Technology industry.

The high engagement on the website, with 116.5 million monthly visits and an average visit duration of over 5 minutes, underscores the platform’s growing influence and user interest.

Most Visited Websites Globally by Country

In our comprehensive analysis, we’ve focused on a diverse set of countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Brazil, Germany, France, and Spain.

As each represents a unique blend of cultural and digital practices, they provide a well-rounded understanding of global web traffic trends.

United States

Top 10 Most Visited Websites in the U.S.:

RankWebsiteMonthly VisitsCategory
1.Google.com19.21BSearch Engines
2.Youtube.com6.358BStreaming & Online TV
3.Facebook.com3.094BSocial Media
4.Amazon.com1.941BeCommerce & Shopping
5.Yahoo.com1.914BNews & Media Publishers
6.Twitter.com1.194BSocial Media
7.Instagram.com1.152BSocial Media
8.Wikipedia.org1.051BDictionaries and Encyclopedias
9.Max.com1.019BStreaming & Online TV
10.Reddit.com866.9MSocial Media

In the U.S., the most visited sites of 2023, continue to be dominated by a mix of technology giants and social media platforms. Unsurprisingly, Google remains the most visited website in the region, signifying the crucial role of search in our daily lives.

Americans are increasingly turning to online streaming services, with sites like becoming more popular than traditional TV. This illustrates a wider shift to more internet-based ways to watch shows and movies. Amazon leads the online shopping scene, showing how much Americans love its ease, speed, and variety.

Social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are a big part of everyday life in the U.S. They’re where people catch up on news, have fun, and chat with friends. This shows that Americans are constantly connected and use these digital platforms for more than just simple tasks – they’re an essential part of daily life.

United Kingdom

Top 10 Most Visited Websites in the UK:

RankWebsiteMonthly VisitsCategory
1.Google.com3.348BSearch Engines
2.Youtube.com1.151BStreaming & Online TV
3.Facebook.com576.3MSocial Media & Media Publishers
5.Amazon.com28.67MeCommerce & Shopping
6.Twitter.com291.0MSocial Media
7.Wikipedia.org231.4MDictionaries and Encyclopedias Engines & Shopping
10.Instagram.com187.0MSocial Media

Across the pond, the most visited websites in the UK are a blend of global online giants and popular social media platforms.

It’s clear that the Brits trust their local news, with being one of the most popular websites in the country. This shows the public’s preference for trustworthy and detailed local news over other, more international platforms.

eCommerce, especially Amazon, is popular too, pointing to a trend where Brits love shopping online for its ease and speed.

Overall, the UK’s online habits blend a love for global websites with a strong interest in local, UK-specific content, showing how the majority likes to stay globally connected and locally informed.


Top 10 Most Visited Websites in India:

RankWebsiteMonthly VisitsCategory
1Google.com5.812BSearch Engines
2Youtube.com2.068BStreaming & Online TV
3Facebook.com1.014BSocial Media
4Instagram.com760.4MSocial Media
5Cricbuzz.com655.1MSports – Fantasy Sports
6Samsung.com552.2MConsumer Electronics
7Aajtak.in541.7MNews & Media Publishers
8Whatsapp.com361.6MSocial Media
9Amazon.in352.7MeCommerce & Shopping
10Twitter.com303.1MNews and Media

In India, the most popular websites offer a peek into what the nation holds dear.’s popularity in India shows how much cricket is loved there, not only as a sport but as a key part of the culture.

The frequent visits to, a local news site, also reflect Indians’ keen interest in keeping up with local events and news.

As for social media usage, Indians mix personal connections with professional networks. Popular global platforms like Facebook and Instagram are used for socializing, while LinkedIn’s popularity shows a keen focus on career growth.

It’s important to note that LinkedIn isn’t yet in the top 10 most visited websites in India, but the platform has a growing presence in the region.


Top 10 Most Visited Websites in Brazil:

RankWebsiteMonthly VisitsCategory
1Google.com4.589BSearch Engines
2Youtube.com1.407BStreaming & Online TV
3Facebook.com840.5MSocial Media
4Globo.com694.8MNews & Media Publishers
5Instagram.com677.7MSocial Media
6Whatsapp.com467.1MSocial Media & Media Publishers Engines
9Twitter.com252.8MSocial Media & Shopping – Marketplace

Brazil’s internet landscape combines local news, entertainment, and social networking.

From the data, we can tell that Brazilians are avid consumers of local news and entertainment online, with sites like and being crowd favorites. They also love to connect and share on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

These platforms are a big part of everyday life in Brazil, helping people stay in touch and engage with their communities. It’s also worth noting the growing popularity of TikTok, especially among the younger crowd, shows that Brazilians are keen on exploring new ways to express themselves online.

This mix of local news and global social media use shows that Brazilians are deeply involved in both their local community and the wider digital world.


Top 10 Most Visited Websites in Spain:

RankWebsiteMonthly VisitsCategory
1.Google.com1.849BSearch Engines
2.Youtube.com578.3MStreaming & Online TV
3.Facebook.com263.9MSocial Media
4.Marca.com209.5MSports > Other
5.Twitter.com200.1MSocial Media
6.Google.es178.4MSearch Engines
7.Elmundo.es154.9MNews & Media Publishers
8.Instagram.com149.9MSocial Media
9.Amazon.es112.4MeCommerce & Shopping
10.Wikipedia.org94.95MDictionaries and Encyclopedias

Spain’s top sites show us that people’s online interests are varied, including sports, news, and international websites., the fourth most visited website, shows how much they love sports, especially football, which brings everyone together. It’s common to see fans across Spain discussing the latest football matches and sharing highlights from Marca on social media, uniting them in their sports enthusiasm., a go-to source for local news, reflects how Spaniards stay informed about national events. Whether it’s discussing political developments in a Madrid café or sharing local news stories on WhatsApp groups, Spaniards prefer following the news on a local website.

The Spanish public also frequently uses global social media sites like Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and Instagram, as well as for local searches. This mix of using both international social media and local websites shows how Spain embraces the wider world while staying true to its local roots and culture.


Top 10 Most Visited Websites in France:

RankWebsiteMonthly VisitsCategory
1.Google.com2.300BSearch Engines
2.Youtube.com737.1MStreaming & Online TV
3.Facebook.com431.3MSocial Media
4.Google.fr203.6MSearch Engines
6.Wikipedia.org156.7MDictionaries and Encyclopedias
7.Amazon.fr149.6MeCommerce & Shopping
8.Twitter.com149.6MSocial Media
9.Instagram.com132.2MSocial Media
10.Lemonde.fr125.7MNews & Media Publishers

In France, people use the internet in a way that mixes global trends with a strong focus on professional growth and trustworthy news.’s popularity highlights the French preference for in-depth and reliable news. Whether it’s during a coffee break in Paris or a discussion at a Lyon university, you’ll find people referencing articles from, discussing current events with a focus on well-researched information.

This blend of using for credible news and for searches shows that the French are keen on staying globally connected while valuing intellectual depth and quality in their online activities.


Top 10 Most Visited Websites in Germany:

RankWebsiteMonthly VisitsCategory
1.Google.com2.570BSearch Engines
2.Youtube.com1.036BStreaming & Online TV
3.Facebook.com382.3MSocial Media
4.Google.de380.1MSearch Engines
5.Amazon.de370.4MeCommerce & Shopping
6.Wikipedia.org218.3MDictionaries and Encyclopedias
7.Bild.de181.4MNews & Media Publishers
8.T-online.de151.7MNews & Media Publishers
9.Instagram.com151.4MSocial Media
10.Ebay.de144.5MeCommerce & Shopping

In Germany, people prefer websites that offer news and shopping options in German. The data reveals that Germans often turn to familiar sites like and, which offer a wide range of products and the convenience of shopping from home.

WhatsApp is also a favorite tool for staying in touch. Many in Germany use the app more often than other Europeans for their daily communication with friends, family, and colleagues.

This shows that in Germany, there’s a strong preference for local websites and services, but there’s also a keen interest in using global platforms to stay connected.

Know Your Audience – Wherever They Are

Knowing the most visited websites and the top web trends in your region can be highly beneficial for marketing your own website and online business.

For instance, understanding the importance of which social media or eCommerce platforms to use helps create a more effective marketing strategy. Meanwhile, understanding your audience’s language preferences helps you build a trustworthy online presence.

Building a successful website is all about balancing user-friendliness with relevant, high-quality content. By focusing on ensuring that your site is easily accessible on each popular search engine, you can attract your target audience.

Methodology and Sources

Our primary web traffic data for the most visited websites in the world comes from SimilarWeb, an industry leader in digital intelligence, offering insights into the top-performing websites across multiple categories and countries (SimilarWeb Global, SimilarWeb by Country).

For search trends and the popularity of individual websites, we tapped into Google Trends, providing us with a five-year trend overview for major sites like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (Google Trends Explore).

We also incorporated global digital population and connectivity data from the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), giving us a context for digital access and usage patterns worldwide (ITU Media Centre).

For an in-depth look at the state of digital search in 2023, we reviewed insights from SEMrush’s comprehensive report on the current state of search (SEMrush State of Search 2023).

The data was collected in October and November 2023.

We did not consider gambling or betting websites, illegal streaming or downloading services, or any other malicious websites in our research.

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