23 Jul • Marketing

Duplicate Content: How to Avoid It?

Having duplicate content on your website can negatively affect your brand image and SEO ranking. Your readers will likely find it confusing and search...

By Angie V.

15 Jul • Marketing

5 Signs You Need a New Website

If you have a personal or business website that was created years ago, it might be time to consider an upgrade. Especially if you’re noticing that...

By Tom Miller

18 Jun • Marketing

Before Publishing Your First Post: 7 Things You Should Know

So you started a blog, and now you’re ready to share your content with the world. Great! However, will the world be interested in reading it? In...

By Tom Miller

11 Jun • Marketing

How to Analyze Your Website Performance?

Many businesses tend to place all of their focus on social media marketing, email campaigns, and other ways of attracting people to their websites....

By Tom Miller

09 Jun • Marketing

How to Build a Brand: The Complete Guide to Business Branding

While the process of creating a business has been made much more accessible in recent years, successful brand-building practices can decide the...

By Scott Hobson

04 Jun • Marketing

How to Grow Your eCommerce Website?

The eCommerce market has been on a constant rise for the last couple of years. The pandemic has made most previous retail market predictions...

By Angie V.

25 May • Marketing

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

There used to be a time when blogging was only about sharing your thoughts online. Now, it’s become an effective marketing tool that can...

By Angie V.

13 May • Marketing

How to Create a Homepage That Drives Sales?

An effective homepage performs two functions – it represents your business and converts visitors into customers at the same time. Achieving this is...

By Angie V.

10 May • Marketing

7 Tips for Writing Good Website Content

Your website’s content can determine your online business’s success. If the copy doesn’t resonate with the site’s visitors, they won’t...

By Angie V.