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Get a free .es domain with Premium Shared hosting for 12 months.

Get a free .es domain with Premium Shared hosting for 12 months.

Let Spain Know About Your Business

Besides translating your website, having a local domain name is an excellent way to boost your online presence in Spain. With over 1.9 million registered domains, this country-code TLD is highly associated with all things Spanish.

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Let Spain Know About Your Business

Why Choose a .es Domain?

Whether you own a big-name business or a small online store, registering a .es domain extension will socially link your site and business to Spain – making it more familiar to Spanish-speaking internet users.

Also, .es websites have a better chance of ranking higher in local search results. That way, you can drive more organic web traffic from search engines and establish a strong authority among the local community.

Why Choose a .es Domain?

.es Domain FAQs

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