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Attract a Canadian audience or promote your brand in Canada with a .ca domain.

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.ca TLD – A Reputable Canadian Domain

Canadians prefer buying locally or searching for local services, so take advantage of .ca domain registration to connect with the community in Canada.

Join millions of Canadian business owners who have proudly displayed .ca domains on their websites or email addresses and attracted this loyal audience.

.ca TLD – A Reputable Canadian Domain

Why Choose a .ca Domain?

Over 80% of Canadian customers prefer shopping from a .ca site due to the hassle-free transactions – charged in Canadian dollars, cheaper shipping cost, and no customs issues due to shopping across the border.

Therefore, websites with Canadian domains like .ca will likely stand out among search results and get more sales.

With only around 3 million .ca domain names registered, there’s also a better chance you’ll get the exact domain name you want – compared to over 10 million .net registrations and more than 145 million .com domains.

Why Choose a .ca Domain?

.ca Domain FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about .ca domain names.

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