How to Transfer Full cPanel Backup to VPS

How to Transfer Full cPanel Backup to VPS

One of the first steps in account migration to VPS is actual data transfer, which will be reviewed in this tutorial. For efficient migration, you will create full cPanel backup and transfer it to the VPS server using Secure Copy (SCP) protocol via cPanel.

What you’ll need

Before you begin this guide you’ll need the following:

  • cPanel access of your shared hosting account
  • Access to your VPS

Step 1 — Obtaining Your VPS Access Details

Access your provider’s Members Area and navigate to List Servers, List VPS or any other section where your server details are listed.

Obtaining Your VPS Access Details

Once there, click on Management or Details icon near the VPS account.

Obtaining Your VPS Access Details

Now you see a list of details of the VPS. Please copy Main Dedicated IP, SSH Password, Username and Port values somewhere safe (ex. Notepad) as you will need them later.

Obtaining Your VPS Access Details

Step 2 — Creating and Transferring The Backup

Full cPanel backup creation is already explained in the Option 1 of How To Download a backup of your website files using cPanel tutorial. However, in this case, you will have to select Secure Copy (SCP) as the Backup Destination instead of Home Directory which is specified in the third step of Option 1.

Creating and Transferring The Backup

You need to input the information that you got from the first step.

  • Email Address – You can specify an email address to get a notification once the backup transfer finishes.
  • Remote server – In this field enter VPS main dedicated IP address.
  • Remote user – By default, the user is root, however, it could be any other username as well.
  • Remote password – Fill in the password for root user which you obtained in the first step.
  • Port – By default the port is 22, but it also could be any other number. Please use the port that was listed in VPS details.
  • Remote dir – In order to successfully restore the backup afterwards, you should specify /home directory.

All is set and you are ready to proceed. Click on Generate Backup button and this message will appear: Full Backup in Progress … Once the full backup of your account has been completed, you will receive an email at the address you specified, “your@email.address”..

If you get any error message instead, simply contact support staff of your shared hosting account for assistance. Be aware that new backup generation and transfer could take quite some time, depending on the account size.


You learned how convenient it is to transfer a backup of shared hosting account to VPS directly using cPanel tools:

  • Obtaining VPS account details was mandatory in order to access the VPS itself.
  • Creating and transferring the backup was very easy, you just filled in the details and pressed the button to generate and transfer the backup.
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